ATTN local Harry Potter fan organizations – we are looking to spotlight you!

Wow! What a great launch! Thank you to everyone who are already registering and donating extra via our VIP levels. The word got our pretty fast since Onezumi Events is already known for running (Re)Generation WHO and Intervention: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Future Media.

I want to thank you guys. We may be seeing record amounts of shares – you all actually broke my Facebook! Keep it up! This is 1 of 3 posts that have gone this large on FB and the shares are still coming!

Baltimore's Harry Potter Convention
Thank you!

We have a backlog now of emails and will be getting to them as soon as we can. In the meantime follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page, and bookmark this site. I’ll be posting a ton of updates here as soon as the ink dries!

Local Fan Outreach Program:

If you run a local Harry Potter fan organization, event, or gathering we are interested in talking with you. Since 2010, my organization has done extensive work in our communities and I’ve been very vocal about helping empower fans of all types, all genders, and all cultures. This means that if you run a Harry Potter fan organization you can apply to get a free table and 2 badges to attend our con and use the table to give away flyers and otherwise promote your organization within our convention. We’ll even be interviewing you all and promoting you in our marketing channels as well.

It gets better. If you request it we also will add your group to our official programming schedule so that you can hold meet ups and events that will help your group find more support. Cosplay meet up? Game Show? Informational session? We got your back.

Everything is on topic as long as it shows your love of Harry Potter.

We’ve been doing it like this since 2010 at Intervention and 2015 at (Re)Generation WHO. Our community focus is key to who we are and will never disappear.

To get in touch you would use our contact form. Please note that we have just launched and the holidays are approaching so there may be a short delay until you hear back. The big announcements for this con will start this January!

Again – thank you so much. It’s a true honor to be able to work on this. You are the reason why we do this! 🙂

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