REVEAL: Our 2017 PotterVerse Con T-Shirt!

To us, community is a big deal. We commission local artists to make all of the items you purchase from us and in turn those items act as fundraisers to help us pay our event costs. It’s kind of like PBS.

I am proud to reveal our 2017 Con T-Shirt designed by Ginger Hoesly Click here to see more of her work.. She’s also doing the VIP T-Shirt (That design will be revealed soon) so that will give you an idea of how amazing these shirts will be.

IMPORTANT: If you want one you need to pre-order it when you register or go back in and add it on. (If it’s confusing, feel free to email us and we will assist.) Why pre-order? Because we aren’t a big corporation and we can’t easily warehouse a lot of items. Most of our merchandise is pre-order. We will only have 2-5 shirts in the most common sizes available for purchase at the con – and they sell out really fast. If you pre-order you are guaranteed your size will be custom made for you and waiting to be picked up!

This is also awesome since we are all about being a safe space for all people, all genders, and all body types. This allows us to better serve our attendees!

2017 Regular Con T-Shirt

2017 Regular Con T-Shirt


PROGRAMMING SPOTLIGHT: Join the Wizards’ Council at PotterVerse 2017!

Obtaining an audience with the elite of the wizarding world isn’t easy… but Onezumi Events is here to make it happen! Our Wizard’s Council is a chance for you to enjoy a fully catered high tea while rubbing shoulders with some of our convention guests!


What is the Wizards’ Council?

Terry Molloy (Davros) and Monty the Bear chat with a young guest at Tea with the Doctor.

Terry Molloy (Davros) and Monty the Bear chat with a young guest at Tea with the Doctor.

Attendees of our sister event, (Re)Generation Who, know all about our special “Tea with the Doctor” event. This VIP meet-and-greet is a chance for attendees to get up close and personal with many of our guests in exchange for an extra donation to our organization. The event includes several different types of teas, sandwiches, pastries, and other snacks, provided by our caterer. We also make an effort to keep our vegan and gluten-free attendees in mind, offering several options so everyone can enjoy the tea!


How does it work?

Our con chair Oni Harstein compares our system to “speed dating”: tables are set up for approximately eight attendees, with an extra seat for guests. A timer goes off occasionally throughout the tea, at which point the guests switch tables to chat with a new group. No worrying about fighting over a chance to meet your favorite guest, and no worrying about choosing which one you want to meet. If you attend the tea, you’ll get to chat with everyone!


How much does it cost?

Closer look at a sample tray from our first Tea with the Doctor.

Closer look at a sample tray from our first Tea with the Doctor.

A seat at the Wizards’ Council will cost $100 per person and does not require any other purchases besides admission to the convention. Your purchase goes directly back into Onezumi Events, allowing us to fund more cool fan activities likes these!


When and where is it?

The Wizards’ Council will take place on Saturday of the con in a private room. Specific time and location will be announced closer to the con.


Sounds great! How do I get in?

Fortunately, you don’t have to pass any exams or go into politics to get a seat at our Wizards’ Council. Just register for this year’s event and tick the Wizards’ Council box under “Special Events” toward the bottom of the form, and you’re in! If you’ve already registered and didn’t sign up before, you can just go back to the form, log in, and add it on at any time. Spots are limited, so if you’re considering going, sign up as soon as possible!

PotterVerse also has VIP tiers you can add on to your membership that get you special badges, extra merch created by local indie artists, early access to the Dealers’ Room, preferred seating, and more! Info on VIP perks and designs will be coming soon.

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