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20 Years of Harry Potter

Can you believe it? Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorceror’s, if you got the American copy) was published 20 years ago this June. It seems like it can’t have been that long — but 20th anniversary celebrations are popping up all around the world. Here are just a few things happening this year in celebration!


Liverpool: Butterbeer and movies at HUS


Liverpool bar HUS will be having another (yes, another — they’re long-time fans) Harry Potter fest today to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first book’s publication. A screening of the first film will be had, and there will be butterbeer for all. If you’d like something a little stronger, there will also be cocktails themed to the characters and places in the series.


Illinois: Bartlett Library’s Month-Long Events Calender


There’s no shortage of things to do if you’re in the Bartlett area. The library’s calendar of Potter-themed events includes a wide array of events for school-age fans, including movie screenings, a lock-in, trivia, potions class, and wand-making. They’re looking out for adult fans, too — there’s a pub trivia quiz and paper crafts. And for the writers among you, there’s a fanfic contest! More details on the full list of events are available here.


Worldwide: The Wizarding World Book Club


If you’re looking for an excuse to re-read the series, here it is! Bloomsbury and Scholastic are joining forces with Pottermore to launch the Wizarding World Book Club, a free online book club dedicated to reading (or re-reading) the entire series and discussing it online. You’ll need to grab a free Pottermore account to join, but it’ll also have a social media side. You can even get rewards for participating! Check out the official announcement so you can be ready when it opens.


Maryland: PotterVerse!

Harry Potter Convention Baltimore Maryland 2017 flyers


Okay, this is probably a given… but we’re so proud to be launching our con in such an important and memorable year! And we may not be in June, but we’re ready to keep the party going into fall with guests, cosplay, dances, panels, and more. And we’d love to see you there! Check out our full list of guests, and register now to get in on the fun!


COMMUNITY: On the Road with Awesome Cosplayers!

This month, we’ve been hitting up multiple cons to spread the word about PotterVerse and (Re)Generation Who, meet old friends and new, and — best of all — get to see just how creative our fans can be! At both Balticon and AwesomeCon, you showed us your witchy and wizardly outfits, and now we’d like to share them with our fans.

If you see a photo of yourself, be sure to grab it!

Slytherin represents at Balticon...

Slytherin represents at Balticon…

... and at AwesomeCon!

… and at AwesomeCon!

Don't forget the noble Gryffindors!

Don’t forget the noble Gryffindors!

Way jealous of this Marauder's Map/Snitch combo.

Way jealous of this Marauder’s Map/Snitch combo.

Want to help spread the word about PotterVerse? Grab some link banners and printable flyers!

And don’t forget to register for our very first event this September! You’ll get to meet actors from the films, join in on family-friendly entertainment, and show off more of your beautiful costumes!


VIP SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE! Plus: Interview with artist Ginger Hoesly


Your patience has been rewarded — it’s here! The first ever VIP shirt for PotterVerse! The art, drawn by Onezumi Events graphic designer Ginger Hoesly, features four rather familiar animals getting comfy and looking absolutely adorable.

The shirt is available at VIP tier 2 ($60 in addition to registration), which also includes the tier 1 perks of a special badge, limited-edition artwork, early access to the Dealers’ Room, and an invitation to a special “House” party. Hit our registration page to grab yours!




We sat down with the shirt’s designer, Ginger Hoesly, to talk about her work on this and other projects. Onezumi Events attendees may recognize Ginger from (Re)Gen 3’s merch table, and her art and designs from this year’s cosplay badges, VIP art print, and regular con shirt. By day, she works for Oswego’s Imagination Print and Design. But after work she works to create the awesome graphics you see on our websites and social media, and creates art and merch both as fan works and for her own original creations!


POTTERVERSE: So, first off — what’s your background in art and design? How did you get started before you started working professionally?

GINGER HOESLY: My background is one I think a lot of artists have. I’ve been drawing since forever, and when I was five my ambitions were “artist or astronaut”, so I at least got one of those down pat.

I went to art school, originally with the laser-focused goal of majoring in graphic design. Three weeks into the program I went “nope” and switched to illustration, which I have my BFA in.

After graduation, I just had to wait a few months, do a lot of job scouring, and have gallbladder surgery, before I was hired to be a graphic artist at a home decor company. Chicago is a pretty good area for design-y jobs so it was mostly just GETTING one.
PV: And in addition to your day job, you do a lot of fan works, too. Where might people have seen your work outside Onezumi Events?

GH: I have pretty absolute claim over usernames “randomthunk” and “Kataoi”. Instagram, Tumblr, and Etsy for the first one, Twitter and an old DeviantArt account for the latter.

Outside the internet, I’ve had work on display at San Diego ComicCon a couple years, on tour with the Doctor Who World Tour, and had a few pieces displayed during some airings of BBC America’s “Doctor’s Notes” specials.

Back briefly to the internet, last Christmas I did a couple pieces for the BBC that were on The Doctor Who Fan Show, promoting Twelve Doctors of Christmas.

To put it one way, I’m pretty fond of my time traveling alien show.
PV: Speaking of Doctor Who, you’ve done some work for (Re)Generation Who as well. What’s it been like working with the group so far?

GH: It reminds me a lot of my day job, actually, and I mean that in a good way because I like my day job (hi boss).

I think more than anything I like being able to fit into the team, where everyone is working towards the same goal, and there’s very talented and smart people who are working very hard to put on a great show. I have a lot of love and passion for my work, so being with others who have that same level is awesome.
PV: We recently premiered the basic con shirt, which you designed, but today we’re premiering the VIP shirt which is pretty much all your own art. How did you come up with the concept and style for this?

GH: I mean, there’s two things I wanted with the shirt – “appealing”, which I want with any design, and a sense of togetherness. So my solution was “cute animal smush pile”.

Whenever you go to a con you get to meet people who are into the same thing you are, so even though we all have our own house or favorite characters, we’re still there because of a mutual love of the series.
PV: Tell us a little about your workspace when you draw. What’s comfortable for you?

GH: For the most part, I’m going to be at my desk in my office. Maybe it’s an age thing but I can’t settle into my bed or on the couch and use my laptop like I used to (I just want to sleep at that point). Usually I have a YouTube video going (Game Theory Live is a favorite to play), or a Cubs game if they’re playing (as I do right now),or just some music. It means I know a lot of specific songs and videos really really well.

I tell you what though, a very important thing to have is a comfy chair. I finally got me one for Christmas and I haven’t had the back issues like I used to. Funny, that.
PV: It’s probably hard to pick, but is there something you’ve done in your art and design work recently that you’re especially proud of?

GH: I think it’s a good sign that my first thought was something rather recent. I’ve done a couple drawings recently where, one got retweeted by The Doctor Who Fan Show, which was cool, and another that got on Anglophenia, which was also cool. Never had those things happen before.

I’ve started doing a lot more shirt designs in my free time in the past year, with the biggest hit by far being this one that says “Thank God and Scotland for Peter Capaldi”. People have met Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat wearing the shirt, which is amazing, but I think the best to come of that was Elaine Collins bought two of them. If you don’t know who that is, my dad likes to call her “Mrs. Doctor Who”, so.
PV: It’s PotterVerse, so we have to ask — what House are you?

GH: Gryffindor.

It’s not so popular in online communities I noticed, maybe ’cause it’s the one of the protagonist and all, but it’s the one I’ve been sorted into several times over throughout many years, so I can’t even pretend to deny it’s my house.

Also lions? Lions are awesome? Come on.
PV: Anything else you’re up to or have coming up that you’d like our fans to keep an eye out for?

GH: Well if your fans are interested in my art and or shenanigans, I’m pretty active on social media. Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram are where I post artwork and things I’m working on, along with some general shouting about like, baseball and things of that nature.

I run an Etsy shop which I update fairly regularly with new items and such. I’ve been focusing a lot on shirts and buttons recently, so if you think my Potterverse works are appealing you may be interested in other items to put on your torso.

Lastly, I have a book coming out soon! There’s so much going on, haha.

It’s actually the second book in a series. If you like your paranormal romances but would really rather prefer to skip the common pitfalls of those stories, then you should check out Owl’s Flower. The first book is available for free in e-book format!


Remember to hit the registration page to sign up for VIP tier 2 and get your own awesome shirt! Tier 2 will only be open for a limited time, so get in while you can!


Guest Photo and Autograph Pre-Orders are now live!

Want to get your photo taken with your favorite Harry Potter stars, but are worried the photo-ops will fill up before you get there? Don’t worry! As of now, you can pre-pay for photo ops for many of our guests! You can also pre-purchase autographs. It’s a great way to manage your money before the event and make sure you get to meet all the guests you’re interested in seeing!

Head to the registration page to add photos and autographs to your registration; just log in the way you would for shirts or VIP levels. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so now and add to your membership right away!

If you don’t see a name on the list, that doesn’t mean they won’t be available for photos or autographs; it just means they are only taking money at the event. Additionally, we will be having some themed group photo shoots; the groupings and prices will be announced at a later date.

Check under our “Programming” heading in the top menu for a list of guests and prices. Autograph and photo-op times will be listed on the programming schedule closer to the date of the event.

Note that you’re not obligated to pre-purchase in order to get autographs or photos. However, many of our guests’ lines may get long quickly, and some only take cash at the table. So if you want the easiest and most convenient option for doing everything you’re interested in, buying early is your best option!

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