COMMUNITY: On the Road with Awesome Cosplayers!

This month, we’ve been hitting up multiple cons to spread the word about PotterVerse and (Re)Generation Who, meet old friends and new, and — best of all — get to see just how creative our fans can be! At both Balticon and AwesomeCon, you showed us your witchy and wizardly outfits, and now we’d like to share them with our fans.

If you see a photo of yourself, be sure to grab it!

Slytherin represents at Balticon...

Slytherin represents at Balticon…

... and at AwesomeCon!

… and at AwesomeCon!

Don't forget the noble Gryffindors!

Don’t forget the noble Gryffindors!

Way jealous of this Marauder's Map/Snitch combo.

Way jealous of this Marauder’s Map/Snitch combo.

Want to help spread the word about PotterVerse? Grab some link banners and printable flyers!

And don’t forget to register for our very first event this September! You’ll get to meet actors from the films, join in on family-friendly entertainment, and show off more of your beautiful costumes!

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