Medical: “Anxiety Room” for Attendees!

Here at Onezumi Events, we’re always looking for ways to make sure our attendees are comfortable, happy, and best able to enjoy their con experience. We’ve recently had potential PotterVerse attendees ask if there would be any resources for anxiety sufferers at the event. The answer? Absolutely!

Even though we work to make all our events small enough that they don’t underwhelm, we understand that cons by their very nature can be overstimulating to people who deal with anxiety, seizure conditions, and the like. (This includes many members of our own staff, who are sympathetic to such things.) To that end, we’re making sure that you have somewhere to go if you need to regroup during the con.

Team Medical Dragon is always on hand to look after medical emergencies, and while they do not have any licensed counselors on hand, they have set aside a cot and curtain in the Medical room to use as an “anxiety room” if necessary. It’s a place to regroup, get some quiet, and get back on your feet. We also have several members of staff who, while not licensed practitioners, have experience dealing with such issues.

And right across the way from Medical will be another of our helpful staff members: Mr. B!


Mr. B is a service dog belonging to one of our staffers, and will be happy to give of his time for any attendees who would like to take a break and visit with him. He is also a very good boy. (Note: Mr. B is not a certified therapy dog, but he is a legal service dog who loves to help out others in addition to his owner!)

If you need to make use of our medical room during your stay at PotterVerse, whether it be to take a break or to get patched up, be sure to come and find them! And, as always, don’t hesitate to ask one of our staffers for help if you need something. We want to make sure your time with us is as fun as possible.


New Registration Price Effective Today!

We’re into the home stretch before the first-ever PotterVerse in Baltimore… and as of today, the pre-reg price is now $85. That’s still $5 off the full weekend price of $90 at-door, so if you haven’t grabbed your badge, be sure to do so now!

You can also throw on some sweet VIP add-ons and pre-purchase photos and autographs. It’s a great way to save time and manage your money at the event, and to make sure you get to everything you want without having to zip by the ATM.

We’re moving full speed ahead toward September! Will we see you there? Register now and be sure we do!


Last Day for Early Registration Rate!

Don’t forget, you have until midnight tonight to get the best possible rate for this year’s PotterVerse! A full weekend’s registration is still just $80, which gets you access to everything save for VIP events. As of tomorrow, the prereg rate will go up to $85, and at-door reg will cost $90.

Head on over to our registration page before midnight to join us and save a few galleons! You can also grab cool VIP add-ons like limited-edition swag, reserved seating, and more!


Plan Your Magical Getaway! VIP Goodies, Hotel Rooms, and Best Con Prices!

Still planning your PotterVerse weekend? The big day is coming, which means a lot of our merchandise may be disapparating very soon! Check out what we have on offer (all of which can be added to your membership on our registration page):

2017 Regular Con T-Shirt

2017 Regular Con T-Shirt

VIP Shirt vector-02

Our 2017 regular and VIP con shirts are still on sale, but only for a limited time! We will have a limited number of the regular con shirt available in popular sizes at the con, but they tend to go fast. So if you want to be sure you get your size, order in advance! The VIP shirts come with a VIP Tier 2 membership (which costs $60 in addition to a basic badge), and will not be available at con. Our very first VIP shirt features adorable House mascots as imagined by graphic designer and Doctor’s Notes artist Ginger Hoesly!

Tier 3 VIPs will also be receiving a cool charm created by vendor Red Fish Rue Fish, which we will be premiering soon on the blog! Like the shirts, these will not be available at con unless you’ve purchased the VIP tier in advnace.

Autograph and photo-op payments are also available to pre-purchase on the membership page. Skip bringing tons of cash and reserve in advance with your credit card! You will be able to purchase autographs and photo-ops at con, but this is a great way to ensure you have everything taken care of in advance.

Also, a couple big deadlines coming up:

Registration prices go up Sunday at midnight! After that, registration will be $85 for an adult weekend pass preregistration, and $90 at the door.

Hotel room reservations must be made by August 18! The Renaissance is giving our attendees an amazing deal, allowing Potter fans to reserve rooms at a literal fraction of the usual cost. If you want to be on site for all the good stuff and enjoy a comfortable weekend away, make sure to reserve your room now!


Register NOW for PotterVerse: Prices Go up in 2 Weeks!

Still deciding whether to join us for the first-ever PotterVerse? If you want the best price, you’ll want to register sooner rather than later… because early reg rates end at midnight July 23!

Right now, $80 gets you a full weekend pass with access to all panels, events, and signings (save for those listed under VIP levels like the Wizards’ Council). Rates go up to $85 on July 23, and will be $90 at-door on con weekend.

So slide into our reg form now to get the lowest rate for you and your family and friends! And if you’re already registered, there’s still time to add VIP levels to your membership to get early access to the dealers’ room, preferred seating, a special-edition shirt, and more!


Fan Q&A: Yes, we’re family friendly!

A lot of Potterheads new to the cons of Onezumi Events have been pinging us with one very big (and very good) question — “Will PotterVerse be family-friendly?” The answer is, of course, a resounding yes!

For almost a decade, Onezumi Events has worked to create conventions that families can enjoy together, and PotterVerse will be no exception. Programming will be suitable for all ages (and run after hours with ID required if for some reason we have an 18+ one on the docket), and there will even be children’s programming for kids and their attending grownups to enjoy together! Incidentally, Children’s Programming is a great place to hang out — some of our headliner guests have been known to drop in for story time or crafts at our other events.

Additionally, we have a system in place to make sure children separated from their parents in the venue can be reunited easily. That’s why, even though admission for kids under 5 is free, we still ask you to “register” them — they get their own badge! Not only is it fun for them, but it also allows us to have their information in our database in case you get separated.

So, in short — we’d love to see your entire family, regardless of age, at PotterVerse this year! Be sure to register soon!

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