Be in the Room Where It Happens: Hotel Block Closes Aug. 18!


We at Onezumi Events try to make our cons as interactive and approachable as possible — and that means the best place to stay for the weekend is in our host hotel! Previous events have seen guests hanging out with attendees in the lobby and bar, friends gathering for midnight birthday parties, and all sorts of other things that make being there at the center of it all worth it. Plus, the con is right near lots of restaurants, two malls (one of which is attached to us!), the National Aquarium, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and lots more fun things to do before and after the con with your family.

The Renaissance is making it even easier for you to do so, with a special con price of $159/night! That’s a deep discount available only to PotterVerse attendees! Visit our specialized online reservation system to book your room right away, or check out our Location page to learn more about the venue or book by phone.

Just a note, though — these prices are good until August 18, so you only have a little over two weeks to avail yourself of the deal. Be sure to grab your spot ASAP!

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