Believe It Or Not: PotterVerse Teams up with Ripley’s!


PotterVerse is proud to be teaming up with Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in Baltimore. The Inner Harbor location is a short walk from the PotterVerse hotel, meaning families can have a wild weekend between our wizarding con and the wonders of the museum. And to make it extra fun, we’ve teamed up for some special promotions!

Representatives from Ripley’s will be on site at the convention, bringing a few of their oddities with them for congoers to see up close. We can’t tell you what they are just yet… you’ll have to wait and see! But be sure to check them out as you’re touring the event space.

And if you want more strange sights, be sure to wear your badge to the museum — it will earn you 50% off entry! It’s a great place to go with family, especially to check out the amazing scale model of Hogwarts built out of more than half a million matchsticks.

Be sure to like them on Facebook for the latest announcements, and follow @Ripleys on Twitter for daily weirdness on your feed!

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