Programming Descriptions Online – Schedule Coming Soon!


Thank you to all our loyal followers and attendees-to-be for your patience up ’til now. We’re wrapping up our Programming Descriptions, and you can see a near-complete list right here! (Note that these are subject to change, but this is largely what the line-up will look like.)

And if you’re looking to plan your weekend down to the minute, don’t worry. We expect to have a programming grid up late next week. So you can start picking your panels and planning your family trip!

If you still haven’t grabbed your ticket, be sure to do so now! Tickets are currently $85 online for a full weekend, which will go up to $90 for the weekend at-door. And you can also pick up some cool VIP goodies like T-shirts, charms, and prints perfect for autographing. And remember to register for a room in the con hotel to make sure you’re on hand for everything! Con room rates end August 18, so get them while you can!

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