Transfiguring Adoption: Happy Families with a Hogwarts Twist



With a staff boasting several adopted and adopting members, PotterVerse is pleased to announce that Transfiguring Adoption will be present at our event this September! The group offers resources, support, and other help to foster families, all with a magical twist featuring everyone’s favorite school-age wizard.

The founders of Transfiguring Adoption have four foster children of their own, and found through personal experience that reading the Harry Potter series was a valuable way for all members of the family to frame past trauma and experiences, as well as giving foster kids a character with whom they could identify.

So what does Transfiguring Adoption do for potential foster and adoptive families? It might be easier to let them tell you themselves:

Via this website, parents and kids can use the Harry Potter books as discussion starters using questions and prompts. The prompts also include stories of real foster families who have been through situations that kids might find themselves sympathizing with as they read along. There’s also a magical creatures section for suggestions on fun and helpful engagement with the kids, and much more.

We’re pleased to say that representatives from Transfiguring Adoption will be on site at PotterVerse to talk about the series, their experience, and to accept new members into their Elf Squad. What’s the Elf Squad? It’s a widespread fundraising group that, through purchase of a membership pack, allows for materials the be sent to new foster families via their agencies. Members of the Elf Squad have organized their own major fundraisers in the past, but all it takes to make a difference is $30. That gets you a cool package of Potter-y goodies, access to TA merch before the general public, limited edition goods, and more!


You can grab an Elf Squad kit at their online store — or, if you’re coming to PotterVerse, you can buy one right at their table! You’ll also be able to chat with them at their panel (date and time to be announced when programming grid goes live).

Be sure to check out more videos, discussion starters, and more at TransfiguringAdoption.com.

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