VIP TIERS: Sneak Peek at Limited-Edition Goodies!

You’ve already had a look at the cool T-shirts available at VIP Tier 2 — are you ready to see what else we’ve got in store for this year? Check it out!


This year’s VIP art features our headliner guests in character, as drawn by Monica Marier of Tangent Artists! Besides being a huge Harry Potter fan, Monica is a writer and artist for TA’s various webcomics. She’s also part of the team behind gaming expansions Fate Accompli and the upcoming Dungeon Tours, Ltd. Tier 1 VIPs will receive the full-color version of this piece, perfect for autographs and framing! You’ll also be able to meet up with Monica and the rest of the TA crew at their table, and at their panel “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Potter!”



Tier 3 VIPs get the art above, a T-shirt, and this adorable stag Patronus charm created by Stephanie Smith of Red Fish Rue Fish! The Prongs-style Patronus is in honor of the appearance of Adrian Rawlins (James Potter) at this year’s event. And it glows in the, dark, too! This little charm is perfect for zipper pulls on bags, purses, jackets, or wherever you’d like a little Hogwarts style. Rue Fish will also be at the event this year selling charms, bracelets, buttons, and more!

Like what you see? Register now (or add to an existing registration) to get your goodies! VIPs also get early dealer room access, as well as an invite to our VIP-only mixer. Tier 4 and up also gets special preferred seating at our mainstage events!

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