Defend Your House for a Good Cause: Crayon Collection House War!


Is Gryffindor tops? Do the Hufflepuffs deserve the House Cup for a change? Or do the Muggles have a chance to sweep the victory out from under the wizards for a change? Cast your vote — and help local schools — when Crayon Collection and Red Fish Rue Fish host the PotterVerse House War!


Crayon Collection is an LA-based charity that helps recycle old crayons while cutting costs for teachers in low-income areas. Drives all across the nation encourage people to bring in crayons they might otherwise throw away. These are then donated to Head Start programs and Title 1 elementary schools.

You might know Red Fish Rue Fish as the studio behind our awesome Patronus charm this year, or as a regular vendor at various Onezumi Events cons. If you want to enter the Crayon Collection House War, just stop by their table (Table 56 in Artist Alley) and bring your crayons to donate. Whether you’ve been “officially” sorted into a House or just know where you belong, drop your crayons off in the corresponding box. We’ve even got a box for Muggles, in case you’re not sure where you belong or just want to score a win for the non-magical folks! The winning House will be judged by weight, and the crayons from all boxes will then be donated to Baltimore schools in need.

Want to learn more about what Crayon Collection does? Check out their news coverage and see the positive changes they’ve made around the country!

And, of course, thank you all in advance for helping Onezumi Events continue to give back to the community through education and the arts.

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