VIP TIERS: Sneak Peek at Limited-Edition Goodies!

You’ve already had a look at the cool T-shirts available at VIP Tier 2 — are you ready to see what else we’ve got in store for this year? Check it out!


This year’s VIP art features our headliner guests in character, as drawn by Monica Marier of Tangent Artists! Besides being a huge Harry Potter fan, Monica is a writer and artist for TA’s various webcomics. She’s also part of the team behind gaming expansions Fate Accompli and the upcoming Dungeon Tours, Ltd. Tier 1 VIPs will receive the full-color version of this piece, perfect for autographs and framing! You’ll also be able to meet up with Monica and the rest of the TA crew at their table, and at their panel “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Potter!”



Tier 3 VIPs get the art above, a T-shirt, and this adorable stag Patronus charm created by Stephanie Smith of Red Fish Rue Fish! The Prongs-style Patronus is in honor of the appearance of Adrian Rawlins (James Potter) at this year’s event. And it glows in the, dark, too! This little charm is perfect for zipper pulls on bags, purses, jackets, or wherever you’d like a little Hogwarts style. Rue Fish will also be at the event this year selling charms, bracelets, buttons, and more!

Like what you see? Register now (or add to an existing registration) to get your goodies! VIPs also get early dealer room access, as well as an invite to our VIP-only mixer. Tier 4 and up also gets special preferred seating at our mainstage events!


Transfiguring Adoption: Happy Families with a Hogwarts Twist



With a staff boasting several adopted and adopting members, PotterVerse is pleased to announce that Transfiguring Adoption will be present at our event this September! The group offers resources, support, and other help to foster families, all with a magical twist featuring everyone’s favorite school-age wizard.

The founders of Transfiguring Adoption have four foster children of their own, and found through personal experience that reading the Harry Potter series was a valuable way for all members of the family to frame past trauma and experiences, as well as giving foster kids a character with whom they could identify.

So what does Transfiguring Adoption do for potential foster and adoptive families? It might be easier to let them tell you themselves:

Via this website, parents and kids can use the Harry Potter books as discussion starters using questions and prompts. The prompts also include stories of real foster families who have been through situations that kids might find themselves sympathizing with as they read along. There’s also a magical creatures section for suggestions on fun and helpful engagement with the kids, and much more.

We’re pleased to say that representatives from Transfiguring Adoption will be on site at PotterVerse to talk about the series, their experience, and to accept new members into their Elf Squad. What’s the Elf Squad? It’s a widespread fundraising group that, through purchase of a membership pack, allows for materials the be sent to new foster families via their agencies. Members of the Elf Squad have organized their own major fundraisers in the past, but all it takes to make a difference is $30. That gets you a cool package of Potter-y goodies, access to TA merch before the general public, limited edition goods, and more!


You can grab an Elf Squad kit at their online store — or, if you’re coming to PotterVerse, you can buy one right at their table! You’ll also be able to chat with them at their panel (date and time to be announced when programming grid goes live).

Be sure to check out more videos, discussion starters, and more at TransfiguringAdoption.com.


Programming Descriptions Online – Schedule Coming Soon!


Thank you to all our loyal followers and attendees-to-be for your patience up ’til now. We’re wrapping up our Programming Descriptions, and you can see a near-complete list right here! (Note that these are subject to change, but this is largely what the line-up will look like.)

And if you’re looking to plan your weekend down to the minute, don’t worry. We expect to have a programming grid up late next week. So you can start picking your panels and planning your family trip!

If you still haven’t grabbed your ticket, be sure to do so now! Tickets are currently $85 online for a full weekend, which will go up to $90 for the weekend at-door. And you can also pick up some cool VIP goodies like T-shirts, charms, and prints perfect for autographing. And remember to register for a room in the con hotel to make sure you’re on hand for everything! Con room rates end August 18, so get them while you can!


Believe It Or Not: PotterVerse Teams up with Ripley’s!


PotterVerse is proud to be teaming up with Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in Baltimore. The Inner Harbor location is a short walk from the PotterVerse hotel, meaning families can have a wild weekend between our wizarding con and the wonders of the museum. And to make it extra fun, we’ve teamed up for some special promotions!

Representatives from Ripley’s will be on site at the convention, bringing a few of their oddities with them for congoers to see up close. We can’t tell you what they are just yet… you’ll have to wait and see! But be sure to check them out as you’re touring the event space.

And if you want more strange sights, be sure to wear your badge to the museum — it will earn you 50% off entry! It’s a great place to go with family, especially to check out the amazing scale model of Hogwarts built out of more than half a million matchsticks.

Be sure to like them on Facebook for the latest announcements, and follow @Ripleys on Twitter for daily weirdness on your feed!


ASL Interpreters Available for PotterVerse!


Need an ASL interpreter for PotterVerse? We are proud to announce that, just as with our previous cons, we will have several interpreters on-site and available to help you! Attendees of (Re)Generation Who will remembers that attendees can “check out” an interpreter from con ops who will accompany them to their panels of interest. We’ll have the same system in place, assuring that all our guests are able to enjoy all the panels they want to see!

Our ASL interpreters are highly experienced, and are fans just like you! Meredith has 15 years of experience interpreting on the con circuit, sharing the stage with the likes of David Gerrold, Alex Kingston, James Marsters, and William Shatner. Mindy has been working for 25 years, starting at San Diego Comic-Con and frequenting events of all sizes. And Debbie will be rejoining us from (Re)Gen as well, bringing her ten years of experience!


Be sure to check in with ops on site if you’re in need of their services!


Be in the Room Where It Happens: Hotel Block Closes Aug. 18!


We at Onezumi Events try to make our cons as interactive and approachable as possible — and that means the best place to stay for the weekend is in our host hotel! Previous events have seen guests hanging out with attendees in the lobby and bar, friends gathering for midnight birthday parties, and all sorts of other things that make being there at the center of it all worth it. Plus, the con is right near lots of restaurants, two malls (one of which is attached to us!), the National Aquarium, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and lots more fun things to do before and after the con with your family.

The Renaissance is making it even easier for you to do so, with a special con price of $159/night! That’s a deep discount available only to PotterVerse attendees! Visit our specialized online reservation system to book your room right away, or check out our Location page to learn more about the venue or book by phone.

Just a note, though — these prices are good until August 18, so you only have a little over two weeks to avail yourself of the deal. Be sure to grab your spot ASAP!


Military Discount for At-Door Sales!



PotterVerse is pleased to announce that we will be offering a 10% military discount for at-door registrations! Show a valid military ID at the registration table on site, and you and your family will receive 10% off the price of your badge. Yes, this includes police and firemen!

Unfortunately, due to technical issues and the necessity of seeing the ID, we will not be able to offer this discount via web sales.

We at Onezumi Events thank our military members for their service, and are happy to extend this discount! Any further questions can be addressed on our PotterVerse Fans page on Facebook, or by emailing contact@potterversecon.com.

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