Spark Your Creativity with Our Intervention Track!

Got a creative project you want to get off the ground? Want to learn how to be a better writer or artist? Just need some tips on getting your work out there? Join us for our educational track this year at PotterVerse!

Based on the philosophy of Intervention, Onezumi Events’ very first event, these panels bring together guests and local creatives to intervene in fans’ lives and inspire creativity. Whether you’re a budding creator with a plot bunny, a trained artist who wants an audience, or just love to learn, we’ll have something for you!

Just a handful of the panels on offer:

The Magic Behind Your Creative Marketing Work: Con chair Oni Hartstein is bringing back her marketing panel! A modern marketing magician, Oni deals with major companies on a daily basis, helping them elevate their own businesses. She’s taken what she knows and turned it into a plan that works for indie creators and small businesses. Learn how to optimize your social media, get your work out, and make people care about the things you love to do! Sunday, 11 am, Panels Room 1

Make Your Book: How to Self-Publish and Self-Market Without Dying: Want to publish your own book, but aren’t happy with the printing or pricing plans offered by “easy” third-party services? The team behind the light novel series Owl’s Flower did everything themselves — from formatting to printing to marketing — and they’re here to share their learning experience with you! Find out how to maintain complete control over your creative work without pulling your hair out in the process. Attendees also get a handy guide to helpful links and programs and a piece of limited-edition Owl’s Flower/PotterVerse collaboration art! Saturday, 5 pm, Panels Room 2

World-Building: From the Ground Up: Fantasy writer John Peel heads up a panel of creatives to discuss one of the toughest parts of writing: world-building. Learn about the challenges of creating the setting that will be populated by your characters, and hear how others have done it (and what they’ve learned) in their own careers. You might even get a spark of an idea for your own work while you’re there! Saturday, 3 pm, Panels Room 1

Check out our Programming Schedule for a list of everything available to our attendees!

Onezumi Events is proud to continue offering education in creativity and the arts through these panels and more. And your attendance and purchase of merchandise helps us continue to fund education just like this for families in the mid-Atlantic. If you haven’t already, consider registering to join us next weekend and take part for yourself!

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