Onezumi Events Is on the Road!

Hey, fans! Our street team has just come back from am amazing weekend at FarPoint, and we’re currently hitting both coasts to spread the Onezumi Events love! You can catch Llyssa this weekend at Katsucon in Maryland, and our con chair Oni at Gallifrey One out on the west coast.

It may be (Re)Generation Who season for us, but we are always happy to talk PotterVerse with interested fans! And if you come by our tables in cosplay, we’ll snap photos! Here’s a few we grabbed at FarPoint… you’ll want to stay tuned to our Instagram @potterversecon to see the full set, but these should whet your appetite!

First off… look who we found! Both of them!


“Oh, you have a Doctor Who con? Please, tell me more…”


Plus, we had a few stop-ins from heroic, magical, and wonderful characters from all across the world of fandom!

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And if you’re a Doctor Who fan looking for a fun event and can’t wait ’til August for an Onezumi Events-style party, don’t forget to register for (Re)Generation Who! We’re inviting big names from the Whoniverse like Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez, and more for a weekend of fun, entertainment, and fan events in the PotterVerse style you love. See you there!

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