LOOKING BACK: We Can’t Believe It’s Not Potter!

Once the Main Events room converts to dance party mode and the little ones are in bed, the panel rooms kick off a new round of fun! After-hours panels at Onezumi Events cons consist of everything from game shows to live podcast recordings. And for Harry Potter fans who like a laugh, Tangent Artists had just the thing.

“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Potter!” was PotterVerse’s version of a British-style panel show, hosted by Dave Seidman-Joria and paneled by Monica Marier and Kara Dennison. The pair’s knowledge of J.K. Rowling’s work would not come in handy here at all, though… as the questions were all about knock-off books from around the world.

Seriously, there was no way for anyone to know that there was a book in which the Dursleys were aghast because Dudley had started dating a belly dancer, or that Hogwarts’ biggest threat in Harry Potter and the Filler of Big was the student body turning into wooden stools.

The panel included dramatic readings of select passages. And in case you’re worried about fanfic being made fun of, rest easy: no fanfiction written by humans was mocked during this panel.

Fanfiction by computers, however? Well, that was a field day.

The evening closed out with samples of fanfic titles and summaries created via word-level recurrent network, courtesy of research scientist Janelle Shane. We’re personally a big fan of the one where Harry is a wizard, a wizard, a wizard, and a son.

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