Happy Belated Birthday, Ron Weasley!

March 1 marked the 38th birthday (we can’t believe it, either!) of the memorable Ron Weasley. The fan-favorite character has been with us since the very first book, and well into the stage show The Cursed Child. And considering how many Weasley fans and cosplayers we saw at the very first PotterVerse, we know he has fans among our attendees!

We hope he’s not too cross at us for being a couple days late… it took a while to order the cake, and when it came back it had the wrong name and… you know how it is.

S to celebrate his big day, albeit a bit belated, we’ve collected a few links about the bestie of the Boy Who Lived:

Ron Weasley InfographicThis stylish pic is straight out of Pottermore, demonstrating everything you could ever hope to know about Ron. From food consumed to mentions per book to all the times he totally missed Hermione’s hints, they’re all charted here!

Ron’s Most Memorable OutfitsSyFy Wire celebrated with a run-down of Ron’s most stylish (and, er, otherwise) looks. From full disguises to frilly tuxes, they’re all here. Which is your fave?

Simon Pegg as RonSend the kids out for a second — this is Simon Pegg’s second stint as a grown-up version of the Weasley. He was celebrating Harry’s birthday here (sort of), but it’s still a hilarious bit for fans.

9 Reasons Ron Was the Best Harry Potter Character: Bustle steps up for Ron with this listicle, showing why they love the ginger of the Golden Trio.

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