PotterVerse 2 Registration Cost Increase Coming Soon, New Guest Announcement

Housemates and Faculty, Wizards and Muggles! Have you registered for Potterverse 2 yet? Like the sand in Slughorn's hourglass, time is running out to register at the Early Bird (owl) rate! A 3 day pass is currently $80 and the price goes up to $90 on June 24th!

That's just one week left to get the cheapest registration rate! Visit our registration page for all the ingredients in the spell, and register for Potterverse 2: https://potterversecon.com/registration/register-for-potterverse/

We also wanted to announce that Tolga Safer has joined us this year as a guest. Tolga played the character of Igor Karkaroff’s Aide that was created especially for Safer by director Mike Newell for the movie version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

We are still working on adding new guests to the event, and hope to announce them soon. We also have some spaces left in our special Meet and Greet event “The Wizard's Council”, and you can also pre-order our Con T-shirt as well as add on a VIP level to get some fun extra stuff.

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>> Apply for Artist Alley
>> Submit a Panel or Request a Guest

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