PotterVerse is happening this August!


We are aware of the recent cease and desist letter Harry Potter events have been receiving from Warner Brothers. You may be wondering about the state of affairs with Potterverse. Please be assured that we and our legal team have engaged in reasonable discussions with Warner legal, and we do not expect any negative repercussions. We will let you know as soon as possible should the situation change.

For now, please be vigilant in respecting Warner Brother’s intellectual property so we can all continue to enjoy our enthusiasm for the wonderful world they’ve brought to life!

Thank you and see you at the con!

ALSO: Check out our guests here and register here.

We still have spaces in the The Wizards’ Council: Have Tea and Pastries with our Actor and Fandom Guests and House Party: Meet and greet social with other Potterheads.

Get info here and order in in advance before it’s too late. Nowhere else can you find this much interactivity for such a low price – so don’t miss out!

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