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The Following Programming will be available at PotterVerse:
Last Updated: August 17, 2017

Panel NamePanel Description
Actor Spotlight: Chris RankinNew Zealand actor Chris Rankin has made his way around the world of entertainment both in front of and behind the camera. His acting work has seen him in film and onstage in both dramatic roles and panto. And now, he's working as a producer to create more amazing shows. Join us for a chat with Chris about his multifaceted career!
Actor Spotlight: Devon MurrayActor Devon Murray began his career when he was six years old, and has spent his life as a performer – Harry Potter and otherwise. Join us for a discussion of is work outside the world of Hogwarts, from Angela's Ashes forward, and find out what he's got coming next!
Actor Spotlight: Natalia TenaActress and musician Natalia Tena made her debut in About a Boy, and has been acting ever since. Harry Potter fans recognize her as Tonks, but she's also gained fame as Osha in HBO's Game of Thrones, Jennifer Preston in the 2015 miniseries Residue, and as lead singer and accordionist of the band Molotov Jukebox. Join us for a discussion with Tena about her career in film, stage, and music!
Actor Spotlight: Sean BiggerstaffFrom The Winter Guest to Mary Queen of Scots to a stint in a lost Doctor Who classic, Sean Biggerstaff's career has taken him all over the fictional world. Join us for a one-on-one Q&A as we talk about Sean's career outside Hogwarts, starting from his early stage career and leading up to his upcoming film projects.
Antipode Presents: The Four HousesAntipode asks you come get transported!

We invite you, our first years, to come get sorted!

With their all ages show it should be fun;

Full of bellydance, cosplay, and maybe a pun!

Which house do you want more?!

Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor?!
Antipode Presents: The Golden QuadDo you like Wands?! Do you like Wizards?!

Antipode invites you to come see them as the Golden Quad! We're SIRIUS.

This all ages show will have games, dance performances, and lots of fun! Antipode's jokes and AzkaBANTER, will get you out of that weird MOODY. So come roar for Gryffindor!
Believe It Or Not! Ripley's SideshowRipley's Believe It Or Not! Museum is in the business of bringing the weird and wonderful into the real world. And just as they're welcoming our attendees into their museum during the weekend, we're welcoming them to our convention! Chat with some of the staff about the various exhibits at the museum just across the street – and maybe see a strange sight or two!
The Brave at Heart: Everything Great About Gryffindor!Does your daring, nerve, and chivalry set you apart (and get you in trouble constantly)? Then you belong in Gryffindor! Whether you consider yourself a part of the House or are just a fan of the characters, you're welcome at this panel. Join us for discussions of the characters, personalities, and traits that make Gryffindor great!
Cinema and Sorcery, or Magical Movie MythologyThrough his exhaustive guide to fantasy film, CINEMA AND SORCERY, Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg chronicled the rich history of magic, monsters, and mythology in a century of cinematic storytelling. Arnold joins us for a conversation about the many movies that informed the Harry Potter saga, and how the Potterverse now belongs to a far-ranging, fantastic film tradition.
Critical Thinking & Subversion 101 - the real lessons of HogwartsWhat does the Harry Potter series teach children (and adults) about trust: The news, government, and even sometimes family can't always be trusted.

A point-by-point discussion on how the series matches the ALA's new standards for "information literacy competency" and the need to investigate a source's goals and motivations.
DJ Kangal's FANTASTIC BEATSHave you got those moves like Potter? If you're looking for fantastic jams, the Potterverse dancefloor is where to find them! Dance the night away with music by DJ KANGAL as strange and fantastic sounds escape from his briefcase and onto the dancefloor until the wee hours! Bring your wands and dancing shoes; cosplay encouraged! Sound and lights by the Potterverse Tech Crew! Find more of DJ Kangal's work at djkangal.com.
The Darker Side of the FaeJ.K. Rowling did not shy away from some of the darker and more disturbing aspects of otherworldly beings. And for the majority of human history, the Fae and similarly non-human creatures were regarded by humankind as alien, inscrutable, and (many times) dangerous. That is, until the work of the Brothers Grimm, Bowlder, and Disney's modern films, made the Fae more "family friendly." Join us for a lively discussion about the return in recent years to presenting the darker side of the fae and their compatriots.
Divination 101Divination is one of the more maligned classes at Hogwarts. But what is it really?
Is it truly forecasting the future or is it just additional information that you might not be aware of?
What are some different methods of Divination? What can these methods tell you?
And, what are some of the pitfalls to be wary of when attempting divination?
Don't Call Her Nymphadora: Natalia Tena Is TonksJoin Natalia Tena for an interview and discussion about everyone's favorite Metamorphmagus! Whether you're a fan of the books, films, or both, come check out this interview (followed by audience Q&A at the end) all about Tonks and her role in the wizarding world!
Familiars in the Magical WorldFrom black cats to mangy rats, witches and wizards have had familiars since time immemorial. What is the role of the familiar in literature and in the real world? Join us for a discussion on our animal friends and what they bring to the lives (and magical prowess) of their owners.
From Start To Finish, with Devon MurrayActor Devon Murray has the distinction of being one of the few actors who starred in every one of the Potter films. Come get some behind the scenes info on the whole series, how he saw his character progress over time, and how it felt to grow up in front of the camera's eye.
Game ShowsFans of all ages can participate in this interactive Jeopardy-type game show featuring wireless buzzers just like on TV! Games will be hosted by the Wizard of Trivia, DJ Gallifrey (aka John Horne). Be a part of The Tri-Wizard Trivia Competition or the Wizard's Wheel--a Wheel of Fortune-type game show for the younger fans to play and will feature Wizarding names and phrases to solve just like the TV show!

John Horne (aka DJ Gallifrey) is a 35 veteran DJ/MC from Pennsylvania and is the owner of Jam Machine Productions. In 2010 he started Trivia Game Show to overall acclaim. he has previously hosted trivia shows for Regeneration Who, Intervention, L.I. Who and Starquest
Harry Potter and the Psychology of Good and EvilWhat can the wizarding world tell us about the nature of morality in our own lives? Local psychiatrist Ariel Vitali combines fandom with vocation, discussing the ties between our own views of morals and the versions of "good" and "evil" expressed in J.K. Rowling's work.
Harry Potter Fanfiction StoriesAre you curious as to why the people in the Harry Potter world are the way they are? Have you ever pondered as to what happened to them off stage, between chapters, or following the epilogue? Do you wonder how things could have been different had circumstances differed? If so, come to this panel to learn how to find or to share your favorite quality fan fiction authors and stories. Aspiring writers, learn strategies for creating a successful story and how to publish on a fan fiction site.
"House Party" (VIP level 1 or greater required for entrance)The House Party is a meet up for all levels of VIP at PotterVerse. It will have snacks, soft drinks, and other party items for you to munch on. It also might have a few surprises in addition–who knows what might happen, or who might show up to this party…
How Cosplay HealsCosplay can be so much more than just an art form. It can help with depression, anxiety, PTSD, physical handicaps, and more! Explore how cosplay has helped others, and how it may be able to help you!
How Far Is Too Far? Adding, Subtracting, Or Changing Mythical Creatures of Folklore and FairytaleJ.K. Rowling made some tweaks and changes to mythical beings for her enormously popular Harry Potter series, and most believe that she was well within proper boundaries. But can you go too far? Our panel discusses the nature of fairytales and folklore in literature, the limits it can be stretched to, and the merits of creating one's own mythos.
I Can't Believe It's Not PotterCan you tell your J.K. Rowling from your bootlegs? Tangent Artists and a selection of intrepid guests and staff will be testing your knowledge, presenting readings from both the original Harry Potter series and knockoff books from around the world.
John Peel: A life in Magic and Science FictionAuthor John Peel has written novels across every genre of fiction--including Doctor Who, Star Trek, Eerie Indiana, Are You Afraid of The Dark?, and many others including his own worlds of fantasy and mystery. He also has published many works in the young adult fiction genre as well. Come listen to John talk about the process of writing--and maybe find out how to get your own magical world into print.
Jumpstarting the MuseLove to write, but sometimes find yourself unable to tap into your inspiration? You're not alone. Join your fellow authors for tips, tricks and techniques to get un-stuck and get the creative juices flowing!
The Just and Loyal: Everything Great About Hufflepuff!Are you patient, true, and just want to graduate without getting killed? Then you belong in Hufflepuff! Whether you consider yourself a part of the House or are just a fan of the characters, you're welcome at this panel. Join us for discussions of the characters, personalities, and traits that make Hufflepuff great!
Children's ProgrammingDrop by our dedicated Children's Programming Room and have your kids join in exciting Potter related activities all weekend long. The full schedule of activities will be posted by the Door.
Love in the Wizarding World: What Does Harry Potter Teach Us About Relationships?What can we learn about how to treat the people in our lives from Harry Potter, the Weasleys, Hermione… or even the Dursleys? This interactive workshop will discuss how friends, family, and romantic relationships are portrayed in the wizarding world.
Make Your Book: How to Self-Publish and Self-Market Without DyingSo you've decided to self-publish. But none of the "easy" routes gives you exactly what you're looking for. How can you get your work out there the way YOU want it without breaking the bank or your brain? The creators of the light novel series Owl's Flower handle the entirety of their publishing process -- from printing to distribution to advertising -- and they're here to share their experiences to help you do the same. Learn about the merits of different printing options, find out how to assemble ebooks on your own, and get the skills you need to publish your book your way.
Managlitch City InteractiveJoin us for another live recording of Managlitch City's favorite space opera, Captain Shadow! In this episode, the Captain faces a planet of powerful wizards and witches in: "The Magicks of Dogforts!"

This will be a live-recorded episode with roles for audience members and maybe a special guest or two. Event time should be between 90-120 minutes
MEETUP! Antagonist (Enemies) United CosplayersInformal cosplay photo op gathering for any cosplayers dressed as villians. Come meet other cosplayer villians, make friends and set up photo ops.
MEETUP! CollectorsDo you collect the toys, items, or props from the movies or books? Join an informal gathering to make some new acquaintances.
MEETUP! Friday CosplayMeet other cosplayers in an informal setting and plan your photo-shoots, and sign up for other activities.
MEETUP! Open MeetupMeet other attendees in an informal setting and hang out and get acquainted.
MEET UP! School's In SessionInformal cosplay photo op gathering for any cosplayers dressed in their school or class robes.
MEET UP! Teen Meetup SessionAn informal gathering with other teenage fans.
Modern WitchcraftWizardry and witchcraft is a big part of our fantasy reading, but things have changed over the centuries. The spells of the Harry Potter universe are a far cry from the stuff of Grimm's Fairy Tales. From floo powder to moving pictures, we'll discuss the modern magic of J.K. Rowling's wizards – and maybe how our own technology matches up!
Mudbloods vs. PurebloodsIt's a hang-up among certain Slytherins, but does it really make a difference? Join us for a discussion on wizardly breeding, magical families, and whether your pedigree really matters when it comes to your aptitude at Hogwarts. Whether you're a pureblood or a muggle-born squib, you're welcome to join in!
Oni Hartstein: The Magic Behind Marketing Your Creative WorkSo you've made something amazing. But you don't know how to get it out there. Let con chair Oni Hartstein, the master of Daily Real Talk, show you how it's done! Oni turns corporate-level techniques into tips and advice that indie creators can use in their own lives. Join us for a master class in self-promotion!
Parent's Guide To The Potter UniverseHow do you introduce kids to the Harry Potter series - and in particularly how to balance the books vs. movies? Why did the series become the unprecedented success it’s become and how does it appeal to kids *and* adults? How do you avoid your kids getting spoiled on key events in the books? Come listen to Matt Blum, editor and columnist for the popular geek parenting site "Geek Dad", talk about his experiences and get some great insights into these and other things to consider when exposing your children to the series.
Performance: Miss Nerdstiles Performs!

(With Cat Smith)
Check out the ukulele stylings of the geek songstress extraordinaire! Cat Smith's musical sets are as magical and versatile as the cosplays she is also known for. Full of joy, humor, and deep cut pop culture references, Smith welds her uke to play everything from Amanda Palmer to Mouserat to Hamilton. A set from Miss Nerdstiles is the place to be for charming, witty musical nerdery!
PhoenixSong and the Order of VirtuesThe imagery of the phoenix shows up across the Harry Potter series and beyond. What does this mythical creature mean in the context of the wizarding world, specifically in the journey of the Boy Who Lived? Join our panelists as they discuss the meaning of the phoenix in the Harry Potter saga, with a little help from Newt Scamander's own experiences.
Potter Themed Quiplash (PG-13)Join us for a few rounds of Harry Potter themed Quiplash from the Jackbox Party Pack 3. We’ll bring up fans in groups of 8 to play a rousing game of questions and answers. Everyone receives 2 questions, and each question goes to 2 people. After everyone has entered their Answer, the players vote on which answer is best. And if you aren’t playing, you can still log in and play from the Audience! All you need is a mobile device (with internet), and a desire to have fun. Every game of Quiplash is different due to the unlimited possibility of human imagination. With that said, as we cannot control the answers provided, we do recommend this game be for 18+ players only as the answers can, and tend, to be mature in theme.
Potterverse 1st Annual YULE BALL Join your fellow congoers for an evening of well-mannered frivolity (or not, your choice) at the Saturday night dance! There will be music by DJ Kangal, Sound and lights by the Potterverse Tech Crew, performances from Antipode Belly Dance, and even a bit of ballroom dance instruction from Kara Dennison. Whether you prefer to waltz, conga, or just party down, we can't wait to see you there!
Quidditch Captain: Sean Biggerstaff is Oliver WoodSo what's it like to be your Houses's star Quidditch player? Sean Biggerstaff played the renowned Oliver Wood, which meant more than just showing up to Double Potions. In this Q&A, we chat to Sean about life on the set, the fictional (and perhaps real?) world of Quidditch, and what it was like being in one of the most magical film series ever made.
Ravenclaw's Rebel: Afshan Azad is Padma PatilRavenclaws are known for their their wit, learning, and wisdom--but they can also be quirky and eccentric. Padma Patil's quirk was her desire to take the fight to the Death Eaters! Join us for a Q&A with Afshan Azad as we talk with her about life on the set, her thoughts on playing Padma, and her life beyond the series.
So, How'd We do?This panel is the last panel of the con. Come give Harknell, Oni, and the rest of the Onezumi Events team your feedback on the event. We encourage you to make suggestions for next year as well.
Spells 101This is a brief discussion of the various spells and charms used in the Harry Potter series.
Our topics will include wanded magic, charms, and incantations.
We will also be discussing the Real World "Spells" that are available at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida.
Bring a wand along and we'll even practice some Swishing & Flicking!

The Perfect Prefect: Chris Rankin is Percy WeasleyIt can't be easy to be the responsible Weasley. How did Percy manage? Join us for our interview and Q&A with actor Chris Rankin as we talk family ties, being a student at Hogwarts, and the wizarding world during Harry Potter's school career.
The Sorting Hat Debates: Hogwarts Houses as Personality TypesAre Slytherins really evil? Are Ravenclaws as good in school as everyone thinks? Are you a Hufflepuff and tired of being called a "leftover"? Join our in-depth discussion and debate panel about the Hogwarts Houses, comparing them to personality types, as well as discussing their traits and the characters that embody them in the Harry Potter series.
"The Wizards’ Council"
( Special Event, Ticket Required)
Have a sit down of tea, coffee, and assorted pastries with the Wizards, their assistants, and other top tier guests at PotterVerse. This event has each participating guest spend some time at your table for a chat while indulging in some tea and sweets in a relaxed setting.
Those Cunning Folk: Everything Great About Slytherin!Will you use any means to achieve your ends? Looking to make friends? Feeling misunderstood and totally not evil? Then you belong in Slytherin! Whether you consider yourself a part of the House or are just a fan of the characters, you're welcome at this panel. Join us for discussions of the characters, personalities, and traits that make Slytherin great!
Those of Wit And Learning: Everything Great About Ravenclaw!Have you a ready mind? Are you awesome at brain teasers? Do you wish we'd hurry up and get to the point because you have to study for exams? Then you belong in Ravenclaw! Whether you consider yourself a part of the House or are just a fan of the characters, you're welcome at this panel. Join us for discussions of the characters, personalities, and traits that make Ravenclaw great!
Transfiguring AdoptionThe group Transfiguring Adoption is working to change the way families think about foster parenting. The team offers resources, media, and more for families of adopted children, all with a Harry Potter twist. Meet the team behind the site, learn more about what they do, and find out how they can help you – and how you can help them!
Wand-Making 101So you want your own wand? We may not be Ollivander, but we can help! Together, we'll make and decorate our own wands that you can take home with you. The wand may choose the wizard… but when all else fails, the wizard can always make the wand!
We are PotterVerseIt's the start of PotterVerse, come talk to showrunners Oni Hartstein and James Harknell--ask questions, give them your feedback, and get the event off to a magical start.
What's Your Patronus?A wizard's or witch's Patronus is an important part of their identity. What does the choice of animal mean? How does one choose? Join our discussion on one of the other big identity definers in the wizarding world. And who knows? If you haven't figured yours out, maybe you will by the end of the panel!
When Witches Play Muggle – Harry Potter CosplayAre you hoping to make your own Hogwarts uniform? Is there a specific character you'd love to cosplay? Or are you a master cosplayer looking to share your knowledge? Join our cosplay roundtable and help your fellow fans get their costumes together. And if you already have a costume, be sure to wear it to the panel!
Which Witch? Share Your Magic!Are you a kitchen witch? A musical magician? A pinball wizard? This is a place to talk about the magic you make in your everyday life. Share your wisdom and talents with your fellow attendees in this roundtable discussion. Remember, we're all here to teach and learn!
Wizards' and Witches' Fancy Dress ParadeGot a costume you want to show off? Join our costume parade and show off your handiwork! Whether you just want to take your turn on the catwalk or you're fully in character, you'll have a chance to share your creations with your fellow attendees! Be sure to pose for the camera... we'll be sharing our faves on our website!
World-Building: From the Ground UpCreating the world of your story can be one of the most difficult parts of bringing it together. How do you build a setting and populate it? Some of our in-house authors are here to teach you everything you need to know about crafting the world of your story, whether it's a brand new fantasy realm or our world with one or two tweaks!

Note: Programming at the event is subject to change depending on panelist or guest availability. Some listed panels or events may not happen due to these or other factors.

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