PotterVerse Vendor Room Participants

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Vendors Room Hours:

Friday: 3pm to 9pm
Saturday: 10am to 7pm
Sunday: 10am to 3pm

VIP attendees gain access to the Vendors Room 30 minutes early on all three days.

8. Science Fiction Continuum
9. Ash Evans LLC
10. Arsenal Models
11. Silver Dragon Studio
12. Walt’s Cards and Comics
13. Pendragon Costumes
14. Gray Magic Woodworking
15. Tattooed Crafts (Allison Peters)
16. Storybook Craft Collective
17. Dress your Dreams
18. Lithia’s Creations
19. Magikal Things
20. Enchanted Shire
21. Enchanted Shire
22. New York Puzzle Company
23. GadgetOMeters
24. Hairy Kiri Design
25. Tea and Absinthe

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