Spark Your Creativity with Our Intervention Track!

Got a creative project you want to get off the ground? Want to learn how to be a better writer or artist? Just need some tips on getting your work out there? Join us for our educational track this year at PotterVerse!

Based on the philosophy of Intervention, Onezumi Events’ very first event, these panels bring together guests and local creatives to intervene in fans’ lives and inspire creativity. Whether you’re a budding creator with a plot bunny, a trained artist who wants an audience, or just love to learn, we’ll have something for you!

Just a handful of the panels on offer:

The Magic Behind Your Creative Marketing Work: Con chair Oni Hartstein is bringing back her marketing panel! A modern marketing magician, Oni deals with major companies on a daily basis, helping them elevate their own businesses. She’s taken what she knows and turned it into a plan that works for indie creators and small businesses. Learn how to optimize your social media, get your work out, and make people care about the things you love to do! Sunday, 11 am, Panels Room 1

Make Your Book: How to Self-Publish and Self-Market Without Dying: Want to publish your own book, but aren’t happy with the printing or pricing plans offered by “easy” third-party services? The team behind the light novel series Owl’s Flower did everything themselves — from formatting to printing to marketing — and they’re here to share their learning experience with you! Find out how to maintain complete control over your creative work without pulling your hair out in the process. Attendees also get a handy guide to helpful links and programs and a piece of limited-edition Owl’s Flower/PotterVerse collaboration art! Saturday, 5 pm, Panels Room 2

World-Building: From the Ground Up: Fantasy writer John Peel heads up a panel of creatives to discuss one of the toughest parts of writing: world-building. Learn about the challenges of creating the setting that will be populated by your characters, and hear how others have done it (and what they’ve learned) in their own careers. You might even get a spark of an idea for your own work while you’re there! Saturday, 3 pm, Panels Room 1

Check out our Programming Schedule for a list of everything available to our attendees!

Onezumi Events is proud to continue offering education in creativity and the arts through these panels and more. And your attendance and purchase of merchandise helps us continue to fund education just like this for families in the mid-Atlantic. If you haven’t already, consider registering to join us next weekend and take part for yourself!


Get Your Tickets Soon! Pre-Registration Discount Ends THIS SUNDAY!

Want to get to PotterVerse and save a few extra galleons for merch and autographs? This weekend is your last chance! This Sunday, September 3, will be the last day for pre-registration. After that, you’ll have to get your tickets at the door.

So what does that mean?

That means at-door, you can expect to pay $90 for a full weekend pass — still much lower than many major weekend events, but a $5 increase from our current $85 pre-reg price.

You’ll also be able to pick up VIP Tier 1 memberships at-door, which will net you a limited-edition print by Monica Marier of Tangent Artists, entry to our Friday Night House party mixer, and early entry to the Vendor Room. VIP Tiers 2 and up have been deactivated for new purchases as of this past weekend.

That said — we are getting a huge amount of pre-reg for PotterVerse! We’re super happy about this, but we also know that means grabbing tickets at the door may be tough since we’re running the risk of filling the venue! So if you want to be absolutely certain of entry to the event (especially on Saturday), pre-register now!

As an aside: Speaking of high demand, this means that materials like program books might end up being in short supply. We’re doing our best to have enough for everyone, but we may end up running out. At the venue, please consider taking only what you need (one per family rather than one per family member) to make sure later arrivals can get a book as well. Thanks for your help and understanding!


Final Weekend to Order Con T-Shirts and VIP Levels 2 and above

VIP T-Shirt
Con T-Shirt
VIP artwork_small
VIP artwork

This weekend (ending Sunday August 27th at midnight) is the last weekend to order our Con T-shirt or VIP levels 2 and above. It is also the last weekend to reserve your room at the hotel for our discounted cost of $159 a night.

To reserve your room use our customized hotel registration link.

To register for the event, or to upgrade an existing registration, please use our registration page.


New Guest Announcement: Afshan Azad


PotterVerse is very happy to announce that Afshan Azad, who played Padma Patil in 5 of the Harry Potter films, will be joining us this year at the event. Afshan will be at the event all three days and will be available for Photo Ops, Autographs–and will make appearances on panels and programming.

Her items are currently available through our registration page for pre-order, along with the rest of our actor guests.


Children’s Programming Schedule Now Live!

Bringing young wizards and witches to the event with you? You’ll definitely want to check out our Children’s Programming track! Our staff is hosting all sorts of activities for families to share, from hat-making to Potions class to (of course) getting your wand!

Of course, we do our best to make sure our events are family-friendly overall, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your kids around the event with you! (Anything that might be best for teens and up, we’ll warn you about.) But for youngsters who want something hands-on, or for families who want souvenirs to take home with them, the children’s track is a fantastic time.

Also, at our other events, surprise guests have been known to poke their heads in… will you see someone you know? There’s only one way to find out!

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s not much time left! Register right now before prices go up at the door!


Plan Your Magical Getaway! VIP Goodies, Hotel Rooms, and Best Con Prices!

Still planning your PotterVerse weekend? The big day is coming, which means a lot of our merchandise may be disapparating very soon! Check out what we have on offer (all of which can be added to your membership on our registration page):

2017 Regular Con T-Shirt

2017 Regular Con T-Shirt

VIP Shirt vector-02

Our 2017 regular and VIP con shirts are still on sale, but only for a limited time! We will have a limited number of the regular con shirt available in popular sizes at the con, but they tend to go fast. So if you want to be sure you get your size, order in advance! The VIP shirts come with a VIP Tier 2 membership (which costs $60 in addition to a basic badge), and will not be available at con. Our very first VIP shirt features adorable House mascots as imagined by graphic designer and Doctor’s Notes artist Ginger Hoesly!

Tier 3 VIPs will also be receiving a cool charm created by vendor Red Fish Rue Fish, which we will be premiering soon on the blog! Like the shirts, these will not be available at con unless you’ve purchased the VIP tier in advnace.

Autograph and photo-op payments are also available to pre-purchase on the membership page. Skip bringing tons of cash and reserve in advance with your credit card! You will be able to purchase autographs and photo-ops at con, but this is a great way to ensure you have everything taken care of in advance.

Also, a couple big deadlines coming up:

Registration prices go up Sunday at midnight! After that, registration will be $85 for an adult weekend pass preregistration, and $90 at the door.

Hotel room reservations must be made by August 18! The Renaissance is giving our attendees an amazing deal, allowing Potter fans to reserve rooms at a literal fraction of the usual cost. If you want to be on site for all the good stuff and enjoy a comfortable weekend away, make sure to reserve your room now!


REVEAL: Our 2017 PotterVerse Con T-Shirt!

To us, community is a big deal. We commission local artists to make all of the items you purchase from us and in turn those items act as fundraisers to help us pay our event costs. It’s kind of like PBS.

I am proud to reveal our 2017 Con T-Shirt designed by Ginger Hoesly Click here to see more of her work.. She’s also doing the VIP T-Shirt (That design will be revealed soon) so that will give you an idea of how amazing these shirts will be.

IMPORTANT: If you want one you need to pre-order it when you register or go back in and add it on. (If it’s confusing, feel free to email us and we will assist.) Why pre-order? Because we aren’t a big corporation and we can’t easily warehouse a lot of items. Most of our merchandise is pre-order. We will only have 2-5 shirts in the most common sizes available for purchase at the con – and they sell out really fast. If you pre-order you are guaranteed your size will be custom made for you and waiting to be picked up!

This is also awesome since we are all about being a safe space for all people, all genders, and all body types. This allows us to better serve our attendees!

2017 Regular Con T-Shirt

2017 Regular Con T-Shirt


PROGRAMMING SPOTLIGHT: Join the Wizards’ Council at PotterVerse 2017!

Obtaining an audience with the elite of the wizarding world isn’t easy… but Onezumi Events is here to make it happen! Our Wizard’s Council is a chance for you to enjoy a fully catered high tea while rubbing shoulders with some of our convention guests!


What is the Wizards’ Council?

Terry Molloy (Davros) and Monty the Bear chat with a young guest at Tea with the Doctor.

Terry Molloy (Davros) and Monty the Bear chat with a young guest at Tea with the Doctor.

Attendees of our sister event, (Re)Generation Who, know all about our special “Tea with the Doctor” event. This VIP meet-and-greet is a chance for attendees to get up close and personal with many of our guests in exchange for an extra donation to our organization. The event includes several different types of teas, sandwiches, pastries, and other snacks, provided by our caterer. We also make an effort to keep our vegan and gluten-free attendees in mind, offering several options so everyone can enjoy the tea!


How does it work?

Our con chair Oni Harstein compares our system to “speed dating”: tables are set up for approximately eight attendees, with an extra seat for guests. A timer goes off occasionally throughout the tea, at which point the guests switch tables to chat with a new group. No worrying about fighting over a chance to meet your favorite guest, and no worrying about choosing which one you want to meet. If you attend the tea, you’ll get to chat with everyone!


How much does it cost?

Closer look at a sample tray from our first Tea with the Doctor.

Closer look at a sample tray from our first Tea with the Doctor.

A seat at the Wizards’ Council will cost $100 per person and does not require any other purchases besides admission to the convention. Your purchase goes directly back into Onezumi Events, allowing us to fund more cool fan activities likes these!


When and where is it?

The Wizards’ Council will take place on Saturday of the con in a private room. Specific time and location will be announced closer to the con.


Sounds great! How do I get in?

Fortunately, you don’t have to pass any exams or go into politics to get a seat at our Wizards’ Council. Just register for this year’s event and tick the Wizards’ Council box under “Special Events” toward the bottom of the form, and you’re in! If you’ve already registered and didn’t sign up before, you can just go back to the form, log in, and add it on at any time. Spots are limited, so if you’re considering going, sign up as soon as possible!

PotterVerse also has VIP tiers you can add on to your membership that get you special badges, extra merch created by local indie artists, early access to the Dealers’ Room, preferred seating, and more! Info on VIP perks and designs will be coming soon.


Artist Alley and Vendor Applications Now Under Review

We are actively reviewing all of our Artist Alley and Vendor applications for PotterVerse and will be sending out approvals this week. If you are interested in being in either area you will want to get your application in soon, since we have received a large number of them already and may be close to selling out. To submit an application go to either our Artist Alley page, or Vendor Room page and use the form at the bottom of the page to apply.

Please make sure to read all of the information one each page so you understand which location works best for you, and that you agree to all of the terms of the application.


First Round of PotterVerse Guests Announced

PotterVerse is very happy to announce the first group of guests for the event this year.


First up is actor Chris Rankin. Chris played “Percy Weasley”, the brother of Ron Weasley, in the films, and is also the co-founder of a theatre company, Painted Horse UK.


Next up is Adrian Rawlins. Adrian played “James Potter”, Harry’s father, in the film series, and has appeared in a wide range of films and series– including Doctor Who, Misfits, Father Brown, and many others.


And then we come to Miriam Margoyles. Miriam played “Professor Pomona Sprout” in the film series, and has a long career in theater, film, and movies–with major appearances in many of the different seasons of the UK series “Blackadder”.

We are working hard on a large number of additional guests, so check back over the next few weeks as we grow the guest list.

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