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We have a handy PDF with all of the details of our different sponsorship levels and their associated benefits available for immediate download:

We are experts at working with both small and large budgets.

We like it best when we have the opportunity to work closely with a company to help them get the best value from their investment. We also love creative ideas to leverage cool stuff, so we look forward to hearing from you.

We only accept products and services that we believe in so that we will have no problem doing our best job. Our attendees trust us for a reason. 🙂

Here are some of the things you can do with us:

Buy an ad on our site
Buy an ad in our collectable con book
PotterVerse Sponsorship Levels

Here is some information about our event and why we can help you power up your marketing campaign:

What Is PotterVerse?
Some details and demographics for our event
Why sponsor PotterVerse?

Download all of our Marketing and Sponsorship information collected in one easy to transport PDF. (See Document Download Link in “Potterverse Sponsorship Levels” section)

Buy an ad on our site:

Your ad will appear on the https://potterversecon.com website on the left sidebar under the heading “Online Sponsors” and will appear on every page of the PotterVerse.com website. Your ad will appear in the list by order the ads were received and will be added to the bottom of the current listing. (as ads expire the remaining ads are shifted upwards).

Banner ads are image ads with regular HTML links which may have a description of up to 40 characters in length. They must fit within a 160px X 160 px square size and can be in any image format. (after purchase we will contact you to get your image file)

Timeframes and Cost:
You can purchase your ad for different timeframes and save on costs for longer durations. The minimum Timeframe for an ad is 1 month.

1 Month: $55.00
3 Months: $100.00
6 Months: $180.00
1 Year: $250.00

Benefits of advertising in our con book:

Our con book is a collectible book full of exclusive artwork, words from our guests, information about the event, and space for autographs.
Exposure: Distributed to all con attendees (up to 3,500).
Full Page Ad: $250
Half Page Ad: $125
Quarter Page Ad: $80
Payment: Due at Signing

Important Dates: Our Con Materials Publication deadline this year is August 11, 2017. To be included in the con book or other materials you will need to complete your payment and provide your ad materials by that date.

PotterVerse Sponsorship Levels:

PotterVerse can help you get the word out about your company, product, event, or any other information you’d like to disseminate to our community. We have many sponsorship opportunities that place your information directly in front of the entire attendance of the event, as well as online here on our website and across the web itself through our media and promotional outreach efforts.

Our sponsorship levels start at the affordable price of $500.00, and can scale higher to more directly tie your message to certain aspects of the con, or even as the “presenter” of the entire event itself. Some of the best sponsor opportunities involve bringing actors, production staff, or services to the event; any of these would be accompanied by a “Presented by Your Company/Product” mentions in social media, interviews, on the website, and on-location at the event.

We have a handy PDF with all of the details of our different sponsorship levels and their associated benefits available for immediate download:

Once you’ve read the document you can easily contact us using the contact form lower on this page (or through any of the other contact avenues outlined in the document). We’ll be happy to provide any information or clarifications, or work toward a customized sponsorship package tailored directly to your needs.

What Is PotterVerse?

PotterVerse is the gathering of Harry Potter fans for the Mid-Atlantic region. We are here to provide the best possible Harry Potter fandom experience. With Guests from across the entire series of movies coupled with a dedication to the highest possible level of service we bring an unprecedented level of fun, innovation, and excitement to our attendees.

Founded by artist, educator, and blogger Onezumi Hartstein and web developer James Harknell (www.Interventioncon.com, www.Onezumiverse.com, www.awsom.org), we are a highly targeted MD/DC/Baltimore area event focused on the Harry Potter Universe. This means Movie Stars, Movie Series Production Representatives, Artists, Podcasts, Films, Music, and Independent Creatives of all persuasions.

Some details and demographics for our event:

Our Fandom is very evenly split between males and females. The age range is from 13-54.

Why Sponsor PotterVerse?

– Targeted Revenue: To increase revenue by working within our highly targeted family-friendly Geek Culture demographic.

– Vocal Fans: To increase brand awareness due to the community vibe of our event.

– Attendee Reach: We can accommodate up to 3,500 attendees in our current location.

– Web Presence Reach: Thanks to our marketing efforts our brand will reach eyes all over the world. Con founders Oni and Harknell are leveraging their pre-existing fanbase (including that of their first geek event, < ahref="http://www.interventioncon.com">Intervention) to amplify the signal. Some ways are:

– Our blog, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter that is updated regularly with quality posts.

– Our promotional tour with at other events that include parties, contests, and speaking engagements.

– Keeping an active calendar of podcast appearances and interviews. (In 2011, 2012, and 2013 we were featured on CNN and many other places.)

Please use our contact form to talk more with us about sponsorship opportunities:

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