PotterVerse 2 Guest Announcements: Dan Fogler, Puffs United!

Hello “House”mates!

PotterVerse is happy to announce our first group of guests for this year:

Our headlining guest for this year is Dan Fogler. Dan played Jacob Kowalski in the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Dan will be at the event on Saturday August 18th and Sunday August 19th.

Next up is the first of our Puffs United! group: Miriam Margolyes. Miriam played the head of Hufflepuff house Professor Sprout, and has appeared in numerous other fan favorite shows, including many appearances in the British comedy Blackadder. Miriam will be at the event all three days.

Also joining us this year from our Puffs United! group is Simon Fisher-Becker. Simon played The Fat Friar, The Hufflepuff House ghost. Simon is also well known for his appearances in Doctor Who as Dorium Maldovar. Simon will be at the event for all three days.

We have a great group of additional guests we are working to get finalized and will be announcing very soon. If you haven’t purchased your registration yet for this year, it’s a good time to get that set since our full weekend discount is still in place at $80. We also have some spaces left in our special Meet and Greet event “The Wizard’s Council”–and while you’re at it, you can also pre-order our Con T-shirt as well as add on a VIP level to get some fun extra stuff. Pre-orders for all of our announced guests (Autographs and Photo Ops) will be available immediately.

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Farewell (Re)Gen 4 ~ Hello PotterVerse 2!

We’ve just had an amazing weekend in Baltimore! If you’re a Doctor Who fan and a regular attendee of Onezumi Events’ conventions, you may have been along with us for (Re)Generation Who 4. The event is already making headlines thanks to appearances from Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez, Rachel Talalay, and many more. And while we’ve already got a date and location for (Re)Gen 5, it’s time for us to switch gears and look forward to this summer!

It’s now PotterVerse Season at Onezumi Events, which means we’re looking forward to having more convention news rolling out for you! We’re eyeing some exciting guest opportunities, checking over artists and vendors, and brainstorming for another weekend of educational and entertaining magic for all our attendees!

If you’d like to make programming suggestions (either to submit a panel of your own or suggest something you’d like to see), be sure to hit up our programming form. We read all the suggestions we receive and use your input to make the con the best it can be.

Want to vend with us? Our Vendor Room and Artist Alley forms are now open. Our Vendor head will reply to your form as soon as possible — thank you for your patience!

And if you want to keep up with fellow attendees, don’t forget to RSVP to our event and join our Facebook discussion group!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled… we’ll be rolling out some magical announcements in the coming months!


“The Crimes of Grindlewald” Will Soon Be Revealed!

Reminder: (Re)Generation Who is just a few days away! If you’re a Doctor Who fan and love the PotterVerse style, come join us in Baltimore next weekend! We’ll be welcoming Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and many more actors, writers, and creatives from across the Whoniverse! Visit the site to find out more.


While we’ve had our noses to the grindstone preparing for our sister event next week, the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts 2 has only gone and dropped! Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander is off to Paris, surrounded by new beasts, new characters… and an extremely dapper Jude Law as a young Dumbledore.

The teaser trailer, shared on the Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube Channel:

Knowing our attendees, there are probably already theories and cosplay ideas bubbling up. Want to discuss them? Join our Facebook discussion group to chat with fellow attendees and congoers! It’s also a regular repository for con news and updates, so you’ll be the first to find out what’s happening.

And if you haven’t registered for 2018 yet, you can do so right now! The gears are turning for guest and programming announcements — and registered attendees get all the news first. Don’t miss out!


A Shared Universe: Are You a “Doctor Who” Fan, Too?

Our sister event, (Re)Generation Who, is fast approaching! We still have some weekend passes left for the big event, which will feature appearances from Peter Capaldi, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and many others from all over the world of Doctor Who.

But even if you’re not a huge Doctor Who fan, the world of wizards and the world of Time Lords aren’t all that far apart. In fact, the two series have shared quite a few actors! (Re)Gen may be welcoming some of these guests in the future of the events — either of them — but for now, we can take a look back on performers who have journeyed into both worlds:


James Potter was a friend of the Ood

Adrian Rawlins, who sadly had to cancel his PotterVerse 1 appearance due to work, is known to fans as the deceased father of Harry Potter. But in the new era of Doctor Who, he played Dr. Ryder, who spent a decade attempting to tear down the trading of the gentle aliens known as Ood as slaves. Things… didn’t go too well for him.


Arthur Weasley was another adventurous dad

Actor Mark Williams had a brief stint alongside Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor. He appeared as Brian, father to companion Rory Williams and eventual father-in-law to Amy Pond. His time aboard the TARDIS was limited, but he did get to have a dinosaur-filled adventure, then a quiet lunch watching the stars with the Doctor.


Filch was the Doctor!

Known to Potter fans as the cross Argus Filch, David Bradley has appeared three times in the Whoniverse. He made a single-episode appearance as the murderous 24th century pirate Solomon in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. He came back again a year later as William Hartnell, the first actor to play the Doctor, in the docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time. And thanks to that performance, we saw him filling the late Hartnell’s shoes as the First Doctor opposite Twelfth Doctor — and (Re)Gen 4 guest — Peter Capaldi in Twice Upon a Time!


Barty Crouch Jr. was the Doctor, too!

Bradley isn’t the only Harry Potter cast member to have owned the TARDIS. Just five months after we saw him appear for the first time in Doctor Who — and just a month before his first full episodes, “The Christmas Invasion” — Tennant appeared as Barty Crouch Jr. in Goblet of Fire! But there’s still one more in this select group…


Ollivander was the War Doctor!

Sadly, we’ll never get to see the late Sir John Hurt at either of our events… but we’ll always remember him fondly for his contributions for both of the series we love so much. He helped Harry find his wand in Philosopher’s Stone, and he helped save Gallifrey in Day of the Doctor. That’s definitely some huge work.

There are plenty of other actors who have worked in both series — check out this Radio Times article for a bigger list!

If you’re a Doctor Who fan and love what PotterVerse brings to conventions, consider registering for (Re)Gen 4! We’d love to see you!

And there’s still plenty of time to register for this year’s PotterVerse. Get your registration and hotel reservation taken care of early, so you can be ready for all the announcements as they happen!


Happy Belated Birthday, Ron Weasley!

March 1 marked the 38th birthday (we can’t believe it, either!) of the memorable Ron Weasley. The fan-favorite character has been with us since the very first book, and well into the stage show The Cursed Child. And considering how many Weasley fans and cosplayers we saw at the very first PotterVerse, we know he has fans among our attendees!

We hope he’s not too cross at us for being a couple days late… it took a while to order the cake, and when it came back it had the wrong name and… you know how it is.

S to celebrate his big day, albeit a bit belated, we’ve collected a few links about the bestie of the Boy Who Lived:

Ron Weasley InfographicThis stylish pic is straight out of Pottermore, demonstrating everything you could ever hope to know about Ron. From food consumed to mentions per book to all the times he totally missed Hermione’s hints, they’re all charted here!

Ron’s Most Memorable OutfitsSyFy Wire celebrated with a run-down of Ron’s most stylish (and, er, otherwise) looks. From full disguises to frilly tuxes, they’re all here. Which is your fave?

Simon Pegg as RonSend the kids out for a second — this is Simon Pegg’s second stint as a grown-up version of the Weasley. He was celebrating Harry’s birthday here (sort of), but it’s still a hilarious bit for fans.

9 Reasons Ron Was the Best Harry Potter Character: Bustle steps up for Ron with this listicle, showing why they love the ginger of the Golden Trio.

Share your love over in our PotterVerse fan group and on our Twitter, too!

Want to meet more fans, along with actors and creators from the wizarding world of J.K. Rowling? Register for our August event! Prices are at their lowest right now, and you’ll be the first to know when we sign new guests and launch programming!

But if you can’t wait that long for some fandom fun, register now for this month’s (Re)Generation WhoDoctor Who fans can meet Peter Capaldi, Peter Davison, and Colin Baker, as well as actors and creatives from all across the history of the show. Plus, it’s run by the same team as PotterVerse, so you can expect the same family-friendly fun with a Doctor Who theme!


LOOKING BACK: We Can’t Believe It’s Not Potter!

Once the Main Events room converts to dance party mode and the little ones are in bed, the panel rooms kick off a new round of fun! After-hours panels at Onezumi Events cons consist of everything from game shows to live podcast recordings. And for Harry Potter fans who like a laugh, Tangent Artists had just the thing.

“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Potter!” was PotterVerse’s version of a British-style panel show, hosted by Dave Seidman-Joria and paneled by Monica Marier and Kara Dennison. The pair’s knowledge of J.K. Rowling’s work would not come in handy here at all, though… as the questions were all about knock-off books from around the world.

Seriously, there was no way for anyone to know that there was a book in which the Dursleys were aghast because Dudley had started dating a belly dancer, or that Hogwarts’ biggest threat in Harry Potter and the Filler of Big was the student body turning into wooden stools.

The panel included dramatic readings of select passages. And in case you’re worried about fanfic being made fun of, rest easy: no fanfiction written by humans was mocked during this panel.

Fanfiction by computers, however? Well, that was a field day.

The evening closed out with samples of fanfic titles and summaries created via word-level recurrent network, courtesy of research scientist Janelle Shane. We’re personally a big fan of the one where Harry is a wizard, a wizard, a wizard, and a son.

Want to experience fun panels like these? Register for PotterVerse 2 now! Our event brings major guests, wizard parties, and fan programming into a format sized especially for families and con-goers who like a more personal experience.

And if you’re also a Doctor Who fan, be sure to join us for (Re)Generation Who next month! Our sister event is welcoming Doctors Peter Capaldi, Peter Davison, and Colin Baker, as well as actors and creators from all across the Whoniverse. Tickets are selling fast, so join us while you can!


Onezumi Events Is on the Road!

Hey, fans! Our street team has just come back from am amazing weekend at FarPoint, and we’re currently hitting both coasts to spread the Onezumi Events love! You can catch Llyssa this weekend at Katsucon in Maryland, and our con chair Oni at Gallifrey One out on the west coast.

It may be (Re)Generation Who season for us, but we are always happy to talk PotterVerse with interested fans! And if you come by our tables in cosplay, we’ll snap photos! Here’s a few we grabbed at FarPoint… you’ll want to stay tuned to our Instagram @potterversecon to see the full set, but these should whet your appetite!

First off… look who we found! Both of them!


“Oh, you have a Doctor Who con? Please, tell me more…”


Plus, we had a few stop-ins from heroic, magical, and wonderful characters from all across the world of fandom!

Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more convention antics!

And if you’re a Doctor Who fan looking for a fun event and can’t wait ’til August for an Onezumi Events-style party, don’t forget to register for (Re)Generation Who! We’re inviting big names from the Whoniverse like Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez, and more for a weekend of fun, entertainment, and fan events in the PotterVerse style you love. See you there!


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Have you been following us on social media? If not, you’re missing out on a big part of the PotterVerse experience!

Our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great places to check out everything from upcoming Harry Potter news to photos from last year’s event! (And yes, if you see yourself in a photo, you can totally grab it for yourself!) We also keep you all up to date on the latest from our stars, such as Chris Rankin’s new website!

You can find us on Twitter and Instagram at @Potterversecon, and on our official Facebook page. Also be sure to RSVP to our event, and join our discussion group to meet fellow fans and arrange ride and room shares!

Also, Doctor Who fans will definitely want to keep an eye on our sister event next month, (Re)Generation Who! Meet Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi at his first US event following his departure from the series! We’ve also got Fifth Doctor Peter Davison and all his companions, Sixth Doctor Colin Baker, the villainous Michelle Gomez and Terry Molloy, and creatives like Rachel Talalay, Robert Shearman, and Jenny Colgan! Check out our website to register now — pre-reg prices go up tomorrow night!


“Harry Potter” Is Officially the Best-Selling Book Series in History!



Prepare to be… you know… wildly unsurprised. Your favorite book series is now officially the best-selling book series ever.

The seven books that chronicle boy wizard Harry Potter, as well as the series’s multiple spinoffs and source books, now clock in at more than half a billion copies moved worldwide. According to a report from SyFy Wire, that puts it in the record books as history’s #1 series. The collected library rides comfortably alongside total copies sold of the classic Don Quixote.

The numbers knock other classics like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings out of the park numbers-wise. However, the best-selling single volume in history still remains the Bible, at 6 billion strong and growing.

Want to show your love for this amazing series? Come to the second year of PotterVerse! Plans are underway for an amazing guest list and series of panels that cover all aspects of the wizarding world. Register now and get the best price for you and your family!


Andrew Lincoln Tells Us “Stuff and Things” About Quidditch in New Audiobook



For those wanting to immerse themselves in the world of Harry Potter but with less reading time than desired, there are always audiobooks — and Pottermore is working with Audible to put out some classic titles from the Hogwarts Library! First up, and coming very soon, you can verse yourself on the history of every wizard and witch’s favorite sport.


Quidditch Through the Ages will be coming to Audible this spring, in plenty of time for your summer road trips (to PotterVerse, maybe?) The book will be read by Andrew Lincoln, known across the US as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead.

You can preorder the book now for $14.95, or get it free with a 30-day trial.

So how does Quidditch captain Oliver Wood (Sean Biggerstaff) feel about the choice?


Fair enough.

Want more Hogwarts fun this summer? Register for PotterVerse now! Our fan-favorite, history-making event will be back again this August with more guests, more panels, and more family programming for you to share with fellow fans!

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