The Magic Returns! PotterVerse 2 Comes to MD This August!



We’re officially back for our second year!

PotterVerse 2 will be taking place this summer, August 17-19, at the Bethesda North Marriott in Rockville, MD. We’ll be announcing guests very soon, but you can register right now!

Adult tickets are $80 for the full weekend, with VIP add-ons also available. A full price breakdown is available in our FAQ.

If you’re interested in participating as a vendor or panelist, we’ve got sign-ups open for that, too!

>> Register for Vendor Room

>> Register for Artist Alley

>> Register for or Suggest Programming

Want to stay updated on the event and let your friends know where you’re going? RSVP to our Facebook event to let everyone know you’ll be coming back to Maryland for more magic!

More updates will be rolled out as we get closer to the event — including guest signings, programming, and more! Register now to make sure you’re on board for all the fun!


PotterVerse Returns ~ Join Us Jan. 4 for the Big Date Reveal!


Before PotterVerse 1 even ended, you came to us asking if there’d be another. And at the time, we weren’t sure. We wanted to have an answer for you so much. But we didn’t have all the info we needed to make a promise.

Until now.

PotterVerse will be back for a second year! And we’re dropping the date, venue, and opening registration on January 4 (this Thursday) at 6 pm Eastern. We’ll also be opening applications for Panels, Vendor Room, and Artist Alley at this time.

Want to be among the first to get the news? RSVP to our Facebook event and you’ll be alerted right away when the news comes out. Remember, RSVPing to the date reveal event is not the same as RSVPing for the event itself — you’re not under any obligation to go anywhere. All you have to do check your notifications.

Remember: this Thursday, 6 PM Eastern!

And if you’re a Doctor Who fan looking for something to do this spring, check out our sister event, (Re)Generation Who! Tickets are currently at their best price — so if you want to meet Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Michelle Gomez, Rachel Talalay, and many more guests from across the Whoniverse, hop on over and register now!


Thank You for Coming to Baltimore, Maryland’s Harry Potter Fan Convention!

Hi all!

PotterVerse founder and Showrunner Oni Hartstein here.

oni hartstein
Hello!!! And thank you for attending the first-ever PotterVerse to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the books. We love conventions of all sizes, but take pride in being a boutique-style event that doesn’t push people through quickly and allows you to have meaningful interactions with our guests.

We use this format for all of our events – the next one being the (Re)Generation Who Doctor Who Convention this March in this very same venue. The biggest thing that happened this year is that our Children’s Program expanded from one room in a floor to an ENTIRE FLOOR.








And all kinda of silliness happened throughout the weekend:

We are so happy you could join us this year to make this our most successful event ever at over 2250 people in attendance. When I started this organization 7 years ago, my goal was to put a personal touch on fandom while welcoming families of all shapes, sizes, and colors to our family. I truly believe that art, silliness, and fandom save lives. They inspire people to pursue education, be better, help others, and contribute to our global communities. We’ve created a big family through our staff and attendees and I am so proud of what we have accomplished as a team.

I am so happy that we could do this together. Thank you so much.

A decision has not yet been made regarding if there will be a PotterVerse 2. We will announce that in the coming weeks. In the meantime, register to join us at (Re)Generation Who 4 at this very same venue this March.


It’s Almost Time! At-Door Registration, Local Info, and More for PotterVerse

The first-ever PotterVerse is just two days away, and the first of the Onezumi Events team are about to descend on Baltimore. The con opens its gates Friday at noon — so to make sure you’re ready, here are a few last-minute reminders.


Forgot to Register? You Can Still Get in!

We’ve had an amazing pre-reg turnout, but we’ve still got room for you if you haven’t bought your badge yet! Badge prices are on the reg page — also note you can still buy VIP Tier 1 status, which gets you a limited-edition print and access to our House Party with your fellow VIPs. (VIP Tiers 2-5 are now closed for 2017.)

Registration will be open at the following times:

Friday: 11 am – 8 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 7 pm
Sunday: 9 am – 1 pm


Watch Out for Runners!

Sunday morning, Baltimore will be hosting the 9/11 Race to Remember. This means that many roads usually accessible may be blocked off for participants. Check out the map to make sure your drive won’t be affected if you’re commuting to or from the event!


Use Your Badge for Discounts!

Baltimore’s Show Your Badge program entitles you to discounts on food, transport, and more! Check out our list of participating businesses and bring your badge with you to save on your family weekend.

And don’t forget, the Ripley’s Museum will be offering half off to anyone with a PotterVerse badge! (They’ll also be at our event, showing off some of their unbelievable curiosities.)


Pick Up Your Merch!

If you got T-shirts or VIP goods, be sure to go to the merchandise table (G1 and G2 in the Vendor Room) to pick up your goodies! If you didn’t order a regular con shirt and want one, we will have limited numbers of popular sizes available for sale.


Follow Us on Social Media!

We’ll be using our Facebook and Twitter to keep attendees updated on late-breaking news, announcements, and changes where necessary. Follow us there to keep track of what’s on at the con. We might also be sharing some of our own photos and behind-the-scenes antics!


Further information can be found in our FAQ.

Can’t wait to see you all this weekend!


Spark Your Creativity with Our Intervention Track!

Got a creative project you want to get off the ground? Want to learn how to be a better writer or artist? Just need some tips on getting your work out there? Join us for our educational track this year at PotterVerse!

Based on the philosophy of Intervention, Onezumi Events’ very first event, these panels bring together guests and local creatives to intervene in fans’ lives and inspire creativity. Whether you’re a budding creator with a plot bunny, a trained artist who wants an audience, or just love to learn, we’ll have something for you!

Just a handful of the panels on offer:

The Magic Behind Your Creative Marketing Work: Con chair Oni Hartstein is bringing back her marketing panel! A modern marketing magician, Oni deals with major companies on a daily basis, helping them elevate their own businesses. She’s taken what she knows and turned it into a plan that works for indie creators and small businesses. Learn how to optimize your social media, get your work out, and make people care about the things you love to do! Sunday, 11 am, Panels Room 1

Make Your Book: How to Self-Publish and Self-Market Without Dying: Want to publish your own book, but aren’t happy with the printing or pricing plans offered by “easy” third-party services? The team behind the light novel series Owl’s Flower did everything themselves — from formatting to printing to marketing — and they’re here to share their learning experience with you! Find out how to maintain complete control over your creative work without pulling your hair out in the process. Attendees also get a handy guide to helpful links and programs and a piece of limited-edition Owl’s Flower/PotterVerse collaboration art! Saturday, 5 pm, Panels Room 2

World-Building: From the Ground Up: Fantasy writer John Peel heads up a panel of creatives to discuss one of the toughest parts of writing: world-building. Learn about the challenges of creating the setting that will be populated by your characters, and hear how others have done it (and what they’ve learned) in their own careers. You might even get a spark of an idea for your own work while you’re there! Saturday, 3 pm, Panels Room 1

Check out our Programming Schedule for a list of everything available to our attendees!

Onezumi Events is proud to continue offering education in creativity and the arts through these panels and more. And your attendance and purchase of merchandise helps us continue to fund education just like this for families in the mid-Atlantic. If you haven’t already, consider registering to join us next weekend and take part for yourself!


Get Your Tickets Soon! Pre-Registration Discount Ends THIS SUNDAY!

Want to get to PotterVerse and save a few extra galleons for merch and autographs? This weekend is your last chance! This Sunday, September 3, will be the last day for pre-registration. After that, you’ll have to get your tickets at the door.

So what does that mean?

That means at-door, you can expect to pay $90 for a full weekend pass — still much lower than many major weekend events, but a $5 increase from our current $85 pre-reg price.

You’ll also be able to pick up VIP Tier 1 memberships at-door, which will net you a limited-edition print by Monica Marier of Tangent Artists, entry to our Friday Night House party mixer, and early entry to the Vendor Room. VIP Tiers 2 and up have been deactivated for new purchases as of this past weekend.

That said — we are getting a huge amount of pre-reg for PotterVerse! We’re super happy about this, but we also know that means grabbing tickets at the door may be tough since we’re running the risk of filling the venue! So if you want to be absolutely certain of entry to the event (especially on Saturday), pre-register now!

As an aside: Speaking of high demand, this means that materials like program books might end up being in short supply. We’re doing our best to have enough for everyone, but we may end up running out. At the venue, please consider taking only what you need (one per family rather than one per family member) to make sure later arrivals can get a book as well. Thanks for your help and understanding!


Final Weekend to Order Con T-Shirts and VIP Levels 2 and above

VIP T-Shirt
Con T-Shirt
VIP artwork_small
VIP artwork

This weekend (ending Sunday August 27th at midnight) is the last weekend to order our Con T-shirt or VIP levels 2 and above. It is also the last weekend to reserve your room at the hotel for our discounted cost of $159 a night.

To reserve your room use our customized hotel registration link.

To register for the event, or to upgrade an existing registration, please use our registration page.


New Guest Announcement: Afshan Azad


PotterVerse is very happy to announce that Afshan Azad, who played Padma Patil in 5 of the Harry Potter films, will be joining us this year at the event. Afshan will be at the event all three days and will be available for Photo Ops, Autographs–and will make appearances on panels and programming.

Her items are currently available through our registration page for pre-order, along with the rest of our actor guests.


Need a Place to Stay? Hotel Block Extended!



Just found out about PotterVerse and missed the hotel rate cut-off? We have good news! Thanks to arrangements with the hotel, we’ve been able to extend the room block for a little longer.

So if you want to be on site for all the guests, events, panels, and parties, reserve your room now! Special rates are $159 per night, an awesome discount from the Harborplace’s regular rates! Plus you’ll be right near two malls, plenty of restaurants, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum (which has a special half-off deal for PotterVerse badge holders), and more great things to do with your family and friends!

If you still haven’t registered for the event, be sure to do so now! Rates go up at the door, so be sure to grab the best deal while you still can!


Defend Your House for a Good Cause: Crayon Collection House War!


Is Gryffindor tops? Do the Hufflepuffs deserve the House Cup for a change? Or do the Muggles have a chance to sweep the victory out from under the wizards for a change? Cast your vote — and help local schools — when Crayon Collection and Red Fish Rue Fish host the PotterVerse House War!


Crayon Collection is an LA-based charity that helps recycle old crayons while cutting costs for teachers in low-income areas. Drives all across the nation encourage people to bring in crayons they might otherwise throw away. These are then donated to Head Start programs and Title 1 elementary schools.

You might know Red Fish Rue Fish as the studio behind our awesome Patronus charm this year, or as a regular vendor at various Onezumi Events cons. If you want to enter the Crayon Collection House War, just stop by their table (Table 56 in Artist Alley) and bring your crayons to donate. Whether you’ve been “officially” sorted into a House or just know where you belong, drop your crayons off in the corresponding box. We’ve even got a box for Muggles, in case you’re not sure where you belong or just want to score a win for the non-magical folks! The winning House will be judged by weight, and the crayons from all boxes will then be donated to Baltimore schools in need.

Want to learn more about what Crayon Collection does? Check out their news coverage and see the positive changes they’ve made around the country!

And, of course, thank you all in advance for helping Onezumi Events continue to give back to the community through education and the arts.

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