Our Children’s Programming Track, organized by Eric Hardenbrook, is comprised of interactive workshops where parents and kids can work together on creative projects.

Art Supplies, Games, and other materials will be available during the sessions, so no need to bring your own (unless you’d like to). Note: all children should be accompanied by a parent during their time in our Children’s Track.

Exciting Wizard related activities will be taking place all weekend long. The full schedule of activities will be posted by the door each day.

The Schedule for the weekend:

Time SlotTitleConcept / Description
3-4 pmColoring PagesWarm up with coloring to get in the right frame of mind!
4-5pmPin the scar on Harry!Are you the bad wizard that puts the scar on poor Harry's head?
5-6pmGet your wand!We'll create our own wands to keep with you for the con!
6-7pmWhomping Willow / Basalisk MirrorCraft your own whomping willow as you rush to Hogwarts and be sure to put together a shiny mirror so you don't look right at the basilisk!
7-8pmSnitch!Be a seeker and create your own snitch for Quidditch
10-11amHarry Potter YogaFollow the story while you stretch and move to start the day!
11am-1pmPotions Class!Join the class and see what sort of potions you can create!
Unicorn Poop, bath fizzy or Skeli-gro
1-2pmReptile HouseMake a snake sock puppet and speak parseltongue or finger knit a snake in your house colors
2-3pmDefense AgainstThe dark arts or little green creatures to hide behind your lapel - come and make your own Cornish Pixies and Bowtruckles to take along home!
3-4pmHerbology Class!Be sure your ear muffs are secure - we're making our own mandrakes
4-5pmLibrary TimeCreate a house color bookmark and then cut and fold your own fortune teller / sorting hat finger game.
5-6pmOwls and Spiders in the School!Craft your own scary spider and make an owl for delivering your messages
6-7pmFriendship BraceletsStart to finish create your own bracelet using straight house colors or your very own house mix!
7-8pmTable QuidditchOur biggest hit last year, come and join your house team and try to score the winning shot!
10-11pmHarry Potter YogaFollow the story while you stretch and move to start the day!
11-12Create a Howler to send!Get your angry message together and prepare to send a Howler!
12-1pmCreate a floating candleCraft up your own "floating" candle to decorate your room!
1-2pmMagic you can do!We've got a spell or two up our sleeve - and we'll show you how to do them!
2-3pmIt's all youWhat would you love to see next year on this track?

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