Important Instructions For Submitting Your Registration:


Please do all of the following to properly submit your registration request:

1) Select Your Number of Total Registrations from the "How Many People are you Registering" Option.

2) Select your first Registration Type (Adult, Child, or Child under 5). There are no Child specific daily registrations,  the listed costs are for full weekend or daily attendance accompanying an adult.

If you are adding onto an existing registration, choose "none" for the registration type.

3) Select Your VIP level, or Select the option for -none-. If you are registering for a VIP level of 2 or above please select your VIP T-shirt size as well from the option list.

4) Click the icon for the Credit Card Type you will be using for your payment.

Important Note: If you do not see a credit card information area in the form (i.e. the location to input details for your credit card number and such), please make sure you have selected all of the above options first. It will appear when all options are selected. In some small cases you may also need to select your T-shirt option as well (and choose to leave it on the "select" option if you don't want one) for the credit card area to appear.

Upgrading an Existing Registration

You can use this form to upgrade an existing registration. To do so make sure to select "none" as the Registration Type for each user you want to upgrade, then add the new items/events/VIP options you'd like to add. Also, please use the same name and email address for each user that was originally used for their registration so that the upgrades matches the existing registrations in our system.


PotterVerse Registration Information and Options:

Pre-Registration online is available at the discounted rate of $80 per person for ages 13 and above; this gives you all three days of the event and access to all panels, events, signings, and photo ops except those listed under VIP levels (note: signings and photo ops may have their own extra charges set by the guest), or Special Events. Children ages 5-12 are $20 each, and children under 5 are admitted free with an adult purchase.


VIP Levels

PotterVerse has a very special set of optional extras that are available to our attendees.

Please note VIP levels and perks only last for the year purchased and must be re-purchased to gain the associated perks in future years.

tier 1: cost $30
perks: Special badge, early access to dealer room, special limited edition artwork, Invite to a special "House" party.

tier 2: cost $60
perks: tier 1 perks and Special Limited Edition Con T-Shirt

tier 3: cost $90
perks: tiers 1 & 2 perks and a listing online as part of the Order or  forces for this year, and a special Limited Edition 3d printed charm.

Tier 4: cost $125
Perks: tiers 1,2 and 3 perks and Main Event Room Reserved Seating Area Access.

Tier 5: cost $1500
Perks: all previous tiers and has the special perk of receiving regular (not VIP) Full Weekend registration for life to the event, and a permanent listing as a member of the “Order”, or as a member of “The Marked” and placed in your Section of our Wizard War Page, with personal URL link and image.

Note: Please select -None- from the form if you'd prefer to not add on an additional tier.

Con T-Shirt

You can choose from sizes Small to 5XL, all shirts are regular style (not fitted). This is for the regular con T-shirt which is different from the "VIP" t-shirt you receive when purchasing VIP level 2 or above.


Special Events

Our Guest meet and greet events are seperate selectable events that you can add to your registration.


Item Descriptions and Pictures

Our regular items and VIP items can all be seen on our description page located here:


Refund Policy: Registrations may be refunded up to 2 weeks before the start of the event.

Registration Form:

  (including yourself)
Fill in your registration information on this page. If you are registering additional people, you will be able to enter their registration information after you complete this page and click "Continue".
Your Registration Info
Event Fee(s)
"The Wizards' Council" Special event is a limited seating VIP Meet and Greet event where attendees are seated at a table and interact with each participating guest to talk in a relaxed atmosphere, while having coffee/tea and a range of pastries and snacks. This event requires a special additional registration cost, and is open to purchase by any registered attendee of PotterVerse (additional VIP level NOT required).
Credit Card Information
Billing Name and Address

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